2016 APA Tire Recommendations: All-Season Standard and Touring Tires

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All-Season Tire Info

Tires in this list are suitable for passenger cars and compact SUVs. Tires listed below carry the M+S (Mud and Snow) designation on their sidewalls, which indicates an All-Season tire. Many standard All-Season and Touring tires may provide adequate performance in winter when they are new, but they will not equal a winter tire on snow and ice-covered roads. APA's Winter Tire Info can be found here. All-Season Performance tires also carry the same M+S designation, but most are marginal in climates where winter weather includes snow. All-Season tires have now subdivided into three broad categories:

  • Standard passenger vehicle tires
  • Touring tires (sometimes called Grand Touring, higher speed ratings, typically H or V)
  • Performance All-Season Tires (high speed ratings, typically V or W)

All Standard and Touring tire categories are rated for higher sustained speeds (even extra-legal) than currently driven in North America. You can view the speed ratings here.Touring tires provide sharper handling than standard All-Season tires at a somewhat higher price, often with better comfort and durability. Performance tires, sometimes called UHPT (for Ultra High Performance Tire), carry high speed ratings, and offer more grip and better braking on both wet and dry pavement. However, performance tires cost a lot more, ride more harshly, and wear quickly. Some, but not all, V-rated tires wear more quickly than tires with lower speed ratings.

For tires within the same category, the handling difference in normal driving on wet and dry surfaces in summer is difficult for most drivers to detect. Moreover, the relative superiority of closely-ranked tires can vary depending on vehicle design and suspension calibration. Differences in emergency handling of a tire within the same group are also largely theoretical in real-world situations, as very few people have the skills to brake and steer a vehicle at the limit of adhesion during an emergency. For tires within the same ratings category, durability, price, ride comfort and responsiveness in normal driving are usually more important considerations than ultimate performance.

According to their makers, tires with a “Fuel Saving” or “Eco” designation have lower rolling resistance and may save from $20 to $50 per year compared with a comparable set of four tires without the designations.

Mileage warranties are primarily a marketing tool. By the time you pay the out-of-pocket expense to acquire an equivalent replacement tire, your outlay will be close to the original purchase price of the tire being replaced. In most cases, a warranty claim is accepted only after the tread depth has worn down to 2/32 of an inch, which requires driving the last few thousand kilometers on marginal tires. Uneven wear resulting from incorrect wheel alignment or a failure to perform tire rotations will void the warranty.


Average standard passenger vehicle tire prices indicated apply to a tire in the 195/65-15 tire size that is suitable for mainstream cars like the Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla and VW Jetta. Four Touring tires, the APA used a the larger and more common 205/55-16 tire size. Prices include installation and balancing. APA members receive a five percent discount from the Association's recommended tire dealer in Montreal.

Standard tire: approximately $120 to $135
Standard tire identifed as Eco or Fuel Saving: add $10 to $20 per tire
Chinese-make and other second-tier standard tire: $80 to $100.
Touring tire: $130 and up
Performance All-Season tire (carries the All-Season or A/S designation): $150 and up

The list that follows is a sample of what is available, with a focus on major brands. The APA consulted our tire experts and our consultant, including Quebec tire reviewer Michel Poirier Defoy. Tires are listed alphabetically in each section. There is a significant overlap in performance and prices between Standard and Touring tires and the distinction between the two categories is blurring, We've listed them on the same page to make navigation easier. UHPT, or Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires, are not reviewed here.

All-Season Tire Info | Prices | Passenger Vehicle Tires | Touring Tires

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Standard Passenger Vehicle Tires


APA's Picks

 Continental ProContact EcoPlus  Price: $139  

Standard passenger all-season tire. Among the better original-equipment tires for many makes, including GM, Ford, MINI (not runflat) Subaru, VW and others. T or H speed rating. Comfortable ride and quiet. High mileage rating to 128,000 km (it won't last that long). As a replacement tire, the PureContact is a better value.


 Michelin Defender  Price: $145  

New, three-season tire. Successor to the old HydroEdge and Harmony that combines the features of both, but in some ways is not the equal of either. A bit harder riding than the Harmony; quieter than the HydroEdge when it wears. Limited user feedback received to date, it is predicted to be an excellent, long-lasting tire that offers a bit more wet-pavement grip, but less snow traction than the Harmony. Superior manufacturing quality. Low rolling resistance thus a fuel saving. Long treadlife, likely the most durable in this group. More expensive than average.


 Pirelli P4 Four Season Plus  Price: $115  

This tire stands out for its sporty response for this class. T or H-rated depending on the size. Firm ride. High treadwear index, predicted durability is almost as good as the Michelin Defender. Inexpensive for the quality offered.




Additonal Standard Tire Reviews

 Bridgestone Turanza EL 400  Price: N/A  

Original equipment tire on compact cars like the Nissan Sentra, Toyota Yaris, and VW Jetta. Also offered in a runflat version. Average performer on wet and dry. Below average to average tire life. Currently being phased out.


 Firestone FR710  Price: $110  

Four-season tire fitted as original equipment on some vehicles like the Chevrolet Cruise and Toyota Sienna. Not very durable, the FR710 offers below-average traction on wet and dry pavement. Price lower than average.


 Goodyear Assurance All-Season  Price: $119  

This is Goodyear's new entry level tire, well-priced.


 Goodyear Assurance Fuelmax  Price: $139 H-rated  

Fairly long wearing, high mileage tire, S or H-rated. The S-rated version designed for the Prius is more expensive than the H-rated version. Low rolling resistance.


 GT Radial Maxtour 65  Price: $90  


Among the best-developed of the inexpensive second-tier brands from China. This one has an established distribution network in Canada. Mediocre compared to the other tires on this list. Closed-shoulder highway-style tread, with good predicted durability. Average noise. Probably the best bet in the low-priced field, though not at the lowest price. The pricing advantage compared to brand-name makes is higher in larger tire sizes.


 Toyo Extensa A/S  Price: $109  


Average all-rounder. T speed rating. Made in China, the US and Japan.


 Yokohama Touring S  Price: $112  

Although it carries the Touring designation, this is more of a standard S or T-rated tire. Overall performance is similar to the Bridgestone Turanza EL 400.


All-Season Tire Info | Prices | Passenger Vehicle Tires | Touring Tires


Touring Tires


APA's Picks

 Continental PureContact  Price: $165  

Open tread design for this class offers some winter weather capability. H or V-rated. Well-priced. A bit noisier than the ProContact. A durable Touring tire with a fuel saving designation. Good value for the money.


 Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring  Price: $167  

T or H-rated four-season Touring tire. Superior ride comfort over small pavement imperfections like cracks and tar strips. Durable, with good performance on dry pavement. Quality and performance improved significantly over old Goodyear tire models. Winter performance inferior to the Goodyear TripleTred, but the Comfortred is quieter, softer riding and wears more evenly. Expensive.


 Michelin Premier A/S  Price: $190  

Replaces the Primacy MXV4. Shallower tread blocks, but the water evacuation channels become wider as the tread wears. H or V-rated depending on the size, Quiet. Superior ride comfort. The SUV version of this tire is called Premier LTX; it's brand new and looks promising.


 Pirelli P7  Price: $155  

Offered in H and V speed ratings depending on the size. High treadlife. Best price for the performance in this group.


 Yokohama Avid Ascend  Price: $157  

Closed tread tire for three-season, non-winter, use. Innovative 6-year UNLIMITED mileage warranty on T-rated version, 5-years UNLIMITED on the H-rated version and four years UNLIMITED on the V-rated tire. The pro-rated reduction on the cost of the replacement tire is based on time in service. The tire must be worn down to 2/32 of an inch during the warranty period, so it will be marginal for the last few thousand kilometers of use. The tread compound employs oil extracted from orange peels to reduce the environmental footprint. Fuel saving designation, with superior treadlife when fitted to a compact vehicle and not driven aggressively. Average price.



Additional Touring Tire Reviews

 Bridgestone DriveGuard  Price: $180  

This tire offers better ride comfort than other runflats, but rides harder and feels less lively than a conventional Touring tire. H-rated. Runflats require that the vehicle be fitted with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System to provide warning of an air loss, which rules out retrofitting them to lower-end Kia and Hyundai models that were delivered without a spare. Not recommended for SUVs and other vehicles taller than a passenger car, unless originally fitted with runflats. Expensive, Price Not Available, as there are no runflat tires in the 195/65R-15 size.


 Bridgestone Ecopia Tire EP 422 Plus  Price: $140  

Bridgestone's entry-level all season tire is an update of the Bridgestone 422, with a modified rubber compound and higher H speed rating. Bridgestone promises an additional 30 km per tankful (or 1000 kms per year) of fuel with this tire due to its low rollling resistance, the claim seems wildly optimistic. Featured at Costco.


 Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus  Price: N/A  

Evolution of the Turanza Serenity, now its second or third year. Relatively aggressive tread, so likely among the better All-Season tires for winter. Featured at Costco. Average price, not sold in the 15 inch tire & wheel size priced for this list.



 Hankook Optimo H727  Price: $127  

An old design, now in its seventh year on the market. Tread pattern similar to the Bridgestone EL 400 reviewed above. Considered a Touring tire by the manufacturer, despite a lower T speed rating. Comfortable ride, unexceptional handling. Occasionally much lower at some retailers.


 Nokian eNTYRE 2.0  Price: N/A  


Version 2.0 features an improved tread compound, offering better grip and is more stable. Predicted to be long wearing.


 Toyo Versado Noir T  Price: $150 H-rated
$165 V-rated


New three-season tire made in Malaysia. H or V-rated. Tread pattern similar to the old Vesado LXII, with a new tread compound that has a higher treadwear index. Performs well on wet pavement; likely marginal in winter. Predicted to be durable. Average price.



All-Season Tire Info | Prices | Passenger Vehicle Tires | Touring Tires