Are used parts OK in insurance claims?
Ross McLaughlin - CTV Vancouver | September 10, 2019.

It was an unfortunate mistake that left Mike Pineda stranded by the side of the road in May. The engine in his 2013 Ford Fusion seized 15 minutes after getting an oil change at a Mr. Lube in Richmond.

Someone may have mistakenly drained the oil out again after the new oil went in. But Mr. Lube immediately took care of the situation by notifying its insurance company. A claim was opened but Pineda wasn’t happy when the replacement engine showed up at the shop.

It was a recycled used engine...
So what’s acceptable and what is not when dealing when dealing with repairs covered by insurance companies?

“The principle when you have an insurance claim, either for a bad car repair or after a collision, is what’s called integral restitution. They have to give you a repair of like kind and quality to what you lost,” explained George Iny with the Automobile Protection Association.

The service manager at the Ford dealer, where Pineda took his vehicle to be repaired, examined the recycled engine.

“It’s actually one of the cleanest motors I’ve seen,” said Ivo Amaral, service manager at Cam Clark Ford...

“Our sense at the APA is that you probably would have gotten as good service out of a good used engine for a Ford product like this one, as you would out of a brand new one,” said Iny. 

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