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2007 APA-W-FIVE Used Car Investigation Montreal

 Montreal | Toronto | Vancouver

 Overall results:

     Pass: 9              Fail: 8         Total: 17
Detailed results:

5412, boul. Industriel
Montréal, H1G 3H4

Advertised monthly payments do not include interest, and an extra charge of $399 specified in ad. The advertised monthly payment is $188 for a 2003 Corolla. With interest, extra charges and taxes, the actual monthly payment is $310,.

- Toyota Corolla LE (power group, cruise) 2003, 109,000 km, $11,295 ($188 per month)
- Hyundai Accent (CD, sunroof) 2002, 140,716 km, $5,295

Automobile Jean-Clermont Inc.         
4151 Boul. Lévesque
St-Vincent de Paul, H7E 2R3

Excessive charge of $450 in extra fees not mentioned in ad. Advertised “included” 1 year warranty actually costs $300 extra. Ad for Escape fails to mention “free gas” applies only to V8s – the Escape is a V6!

- Toyota Echo (blue) 2001, manual 5-sp, 99,874 km, $6,500 (ad), $7,200 (on information label)
- Toyota Echo (silver) 2001, manual 5 sp, 107,089 km, $8,200

M.S. Sport Auto
4440 boul. Lévesque
Laval, H7C 1M6

Seller correctly steers buyers away from in-house financing at 13% with a non-declining balance loan, which he says is equivalent to borrowing at 20% interest. Seller says both cars have original paint, omits to mention some collision work on both cars examined.

- Chrysler Neon 2000, $4,500 verbally ($4,995 on label)
- Chevrolet Cavalier 2001, 72,000 km, $7,600

DMR Automobiles

653 Notre Dame

Misrepresentations on Accent which was not collision-free: APA inspection shows hood and fenders replaced, and extensive repainting. The mandatory used car information label is less complete than most – the warranty and dealer repairs are missing.

- Honda Civic SE 2000 (2-dr manual), 159,453 km, $6,995
- Hyundai Accent GS (gold) 2003, manual 2-dr, 59,000 km, $7,995

Micho Auto Plus

376, rue Notre Dame
Repentigny, J6A 2S5

- Acura EL and Protegé are not entirely consistent with advertised representations regarding their condition.
- Mazda Protegé 5 2002 (gray), 103,836 km, $10,995 “exceptional condition”
- Acura EL 2001, 102,988 km, $13,995 “showroom condition”


I.S.A. Autos-Crédit
379, Rue St-Paul
Repentigny (secteur Le Gardeur), J5Z 2H9

Ad fails to mention that 0% financing applies only to a 1 year loan with a $2,000 down payment.

Dealer says no hit cars; APA inspection of Focus reveals frontal collision with hood and fenders replaced, minor structural damage.
Selection comprised mostly of rough older cars.

Auto Marien

11399 Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, H1B 1B8

Seller misrepresents vehicles as “all original ”. Vehicles inspected by APA were extensively repainted and not prepped for sale -
- damage not structural.

- Toyota Echo manual, no air (red) 2002, 97,147 km, $7,495
- Hyundai Accent manual, no air (silver) 2001, 120,000 km, $4,995
- Hyundai Accent GS automatic, no air (black) 2001, 69,793 km, $4,995

Centre de l’Automobile Ducar Inc.
11380, Sherbrooke est
Montréal, H1B 1N7

Misrepresentation of 2000 Elantra as collision-free when it has had a frontal impact with some structural work on the frame rail.

- Hyundai Elantra GL 1998, automatic, 65,000 km, $4,795
- Hyundai Elantra GL 2000 (red) 2000, automatic, 119,799 km, $3,495

Rouleau Auto
465 avenue Broadway
Montréal Est


Cars sold « as-is »; the customer has to pay extra for a warranty. Prohibited in a dealer sale in Quebec, unless the vehicle is being sold for parts.

Auto Notre Dame
11,313 Notre Dame
Montréal Est

Seller says 99% of cars accident-free. Two of three cars inspected by APA have been hit = 33% accident free. APA inspection reveals Corolla is clean. Frontal and side impacts on the two Protegés; over 6 inches of water in trunk of silver Protegé.

- Toyota Corolla (powder blue) 1995, 4-dr automatic, 104,867, $3,995
- Mazda Protegé (green) 1998, 4-dr automatic, 146,948 km,$4,800
- Mazda Protegé 2002 (silver), 4-dr, A/C, CD, power group, 104,000 km

Turgeon Auto
3190, rue Bélanger

Damage to the Focus greater than seller represented. Represents Sonata as original, but just came in and he hasn’t checked it yet. APA inspection of Sonata shows frontal impact, aftermarket hood, both fenders and one side repainted.

- Ford Focus (black) 2000, 4-door 5-sp, 136,000 km, $4,995
- Hyundai Sonata (silver) 2001, automatic, 6-cyl., 72,000 km, $7,995 ($149 a month taxes in but not interest)

Auto Elegance R.B.
155 6e avenue
Lachine, H8S 2X6

Selection comprised mostly of rough vehicles. Alero would not start, appears to be a dead battery. Extra charge of $200 for financing arranged by the dealer. Seller says cars are given a quick check, but full inspection not done until vehicles are sold. Willing to lend garage and lift to buyer’s mechanic.

- Hyundai Elantra (sand) 2002, 86,051 km, $7,895
- Oldsmobile Alero (silver) 2002, 2-dr, 91,300 km, $7,995


Auto Sector Inc.
2929 Avenue Victoria
Lachine, H8S 1Z4

Misrepresents significant collision damage on 300M. Dealer says only the headlamps have been replaced. APA’s inspection reveals frontal impact; hood, both fenders and windshield replaced, body filler from top of windshield to sunroof. Seller appears to be more forthcoming with information on Sonata engine (it’s knocking). Used car information labels incomplete; pre-printed information is missing some of the categories of information required by law.

- Hyundai Sonata (white) 1999, 4-dr automatic, 6 cyl., sunroof, 87,672 km, $7,950
- Chrysler 300M (black) 2000, 6-cyl. auto, A/C, sunroof, 122,553 km, $9,950 (represented as “impeccable” on used car label)

Montréal Auto Prix
4900, boul. Métropolitain
St-Léonard, H1S 3A4

Low prices, large selection of vehicles not hit, most appear to be lease returns purchased from auctions or directly from the manufacturer. Extra charge of $385 listed prominently in ads, and in showroom. Charge has since been d
ropped. Dealer may not give a full Class D warranty (inspects only for safety, but will they warranty the items they did not check?). Minimal cosmetic reconditioning could be a plus, as buyer can see the actual damage - - visible damage on doors of Venture van could be repaired at customer expense before delivery.

APA subsequently received reports that dealer requires a deposit and signing of a contract prior to test drive, which is prohibited in Quebec.

- Chevrolet Venture 2002/Pontiac Montana (grey), 81, 298 km, $6,900
- Pontiac Montana 2002 (grey), 80,894 km, $6,400
- Pontiac Sunfire 2002, 79,000 km, $5,900

Corporatif Renaud Automobiles
5775, boul. Métropolitain Est
Montréal, H1P 1X3

No extra fees, clean vehicles; seller discloses that red Caravan is substantially repainted. Minimum one-month warranty on all vehicles exceeds legal requirement for vehicles over 5yrs/80,000 km. (APA has recorded complaints regarding und
eclared collision damage on vehicles sold at the Greenfield Park location of this dealership chain.)

- Chrysler Caravan (red) 2003, 64,834 km
- Pontiac Venture (blue) 2003, 95,438 km, $9,999
- Chrysler Caravan (plum) 2002, 102,207 km, $9,999


AutoMontréal Find A Car
9390, boul. Pie 1X
Montréal, H1Z 4E9

High extra fees of $375 posted prominently on label. Blue Chevrolet Venture doesn’t start; seller represents vehicles correctly as not prepared for sale. Seller correctly informs buyers that a monthly payment is more expensive than four weekly car payments, because a month is actually four and one third weeks.

- Pontiac Venture 2002 (dark blue), 98,342 km, $7,990
- Pontiac Montana (taupe) 2002, 67,880, $7,990
- Pontiac Montana (grey)2002, 82,612 km, $7,990

Vente d’Autos H Grégoire/Encan Direct H Grégoire
1840, chemin Chambly
Carignan, J3L 4N3

Highest extra fees in Montreal:

1) $109.25 SAAQ inspection for out-of-province vehicles not mentioned in advertised price (applies to 50% of vehicles offered for sale according to salesperson),
2) All prices “Plus $399” mentioned in ad (charge has since been d
3) $450 warranty inspection fee before vehicle can qualify for an aftermarket warranty.

Competent seller identified buyer’s needs before recommending a vehicle. According to seller, the advertised vehicles are already sold, never existed, or available as one unit at advertised price being shared by three or four locations. Only dealer visited by APA in Canada to charge a warranty inspection fee on top of the price of the warranty for vehicles represented in ad as already inspected.

Second visit in March 2007:

Advertised vehicle is at a different location and will require a deposit of $299 for the dealer to deliver it to the location being visited by the buyer. Extra charge of $399 has been d
ropped. Extra charge of $109.25 for out-of-province vehicles continues – APA contends the charge should be included in the advertised price under Quebec’s new advertising guidelines. Interviewed by CTV News in April 2007, H Grégoire representative says provincial inspection is a convenience extended to customers which they will d rop if told to do so by the Office de la protection du consommateur.


- Pontiac Sunfire SE 2002 (5-sp manual), 103, 397 km, $5,725
- Oldsmobile Alero GL (gray) automatic, 70,923 km, $8,295
- Hyundai Accent 2002, $4,995 (in ad)-
- -couldn’t find or sold
- Hyundai Elantra 2002, $5,885 (in ad)—couldn’t find or sold
- Chevrolet Cavalier 2003, $5,955 (in ad/sold)
- Chrysler Sebring, $7,995 (in ad, seller couldn’t locate it in inventory/he found a one-year newer model for $100 less, but with higher mileage)



Overall results:

Pass: 5     Fail: 14    Total: 19

 Fail Curbsiders: 2

Detailed results:

Rapters Auto
2590 Weston Road
Toronto, M9N 2A6

Advertised interest rate of 3% not available to good credit customers.
“Guaranteed approval” in ad prohibited under Ontario Standards of Business Practices.

- Pontiac Montana 2001 (beige/brown), 196,400 km, $6,695
- Pontiac Montana 2000 (green), 196,867 km, $5,995
- Pontiac Montana 2001 (silver), 151,560 km, $6,995

IVN Auto Used Cars Wholesales
3891-A Keele Street
Toronto, M3J 1N6

Excessive extra fees of $529. DOT “Certification” misrepresented in ad as a sort of government charge or remittance to a third party. In fact, no money is remitted to a government-empowered authority.

VC Flex
80 Toro Road
Toronto, M3J 2A8

Excessive extra fees total $550. Ad does not mention that free gas applies only to V8 vehicles.

- Ford Escape XLT 2004, 218,000 km, $9,990


Faraz Auto Sales
4747 Keele Street

Excessive extra fees of $448 total; ad fails to mention charge for safety certification. Advertised Odyssey from $10,900, with 160,000 km does not exist. Vehicle had 200,000 km. Odyssey with 160,000 km was $12,500. Venture not 100% accident-free as advertised.

- Chevrolet Venture 2002, 66,960 km
- Dodge Caravan SE 2002, 91,500 km

Quality Used Cars Wholesalers Ltd.
58 Toro Road
North York, M3J 2A8

One of the more misleading ads APA shopped in Toronto, with lots of tricks. Excessive extra charges of $525 total.

Bold print reads: “Free TV DVD no installation fee, no catch, no gimmicks”.

Ad misrepresentations regarding interest rate, free DVD TV, Venture, and price representations. Use of term “Free” in advertising prohibited in Ontario (not “free” because you have to buy the vehicle first). Misuse of term “Wholesalers” in retail advertising, which is prohibited in Ontario. Tricky ad promises “Only $25 per hour labour charged on vehicles purchased here for life of vehicle” in bold print. Fine print reads “$25 per hour and up”.

D.O.T. plaque on the wall is similar to a bogus charge levied by IVN Auto Used Car Sales. Ad promises free DVD no installation; on the lot, seller says there is an installation charge.

Mileage on 2004 Venture misrepresented -
- “from 70K and up” actually 110,000 km. Ad says UCDA member.

- Pontiac Montana 2003 $7,999 ($6,995 in ad)

Car Sense
3925 Keele Street
North York, M3J 1N6

Highest extra fees observed by APA in Toronto this year of $1,020. Includes lien registration on dealer financing, misrepresented as costing $495. Ad guarantees credit approval, prohibited in Ontario. Term “as is” meaningless in Ontario – consumer still entitled to Sale of Goods Act implied warranty of fitness and right of rescission; consumer may not realize they have these rights because of the ad.

Advertising misrepresentations: No fees in ad really a $175 admin fee plus an excessive $350 safety certification fee if you don’t buy as-is. Advertised zero percent in-house financing is for a small balance of sale of about $1,000 for one year, with a $495 lien registration fee.

- Pontiac Montana 2001, 134,000 km, $6,490
- Dodge Caravan 1999, 115,195 km, $5,490
- Dodge Caravan 2000, 126,481 km, $6,490

Warranty Auto Sales
1830 Lawrence Avenue East
M1R 2Y2

Lowest extra fees in Toronto, seller provides some good information on the relative merits of Lubrico over Autogard.

Advertising misrepresentations on condition of vehicles: 2001 Montana: Ad reads “simply brand new. Perfect deal. Only $5,995. Wow.” APA inspection shows broken wipers, no defrost, leaks at oil pan and left-side driveshaft seal, A/C weak, contaminated coolant and leaking intake manifold gasket (leaking badly), noisy drive belt tensioner. Red Civic hatchback: Body panels don’t line up, both front fenders replaced, hood repainted, repaint right and left sides. Damage appears non-structural.

- Pontiac Montana 2001, 216,694 km, $5,995
- Toyota Sienna 1998, 204,000 km, $7,700

Toronto Auto Group
2380 Lawrence Avenue East
Salesperson: Imran (Tony) Solomon

Excessive extra fees totaling $979 comprised of Admin. fee ($199), safety certification ($385), and financing charge ($395). Ad fails to mention that bold print offers cannot be combined. Dealer does not fully disclose the extent of collision involvement on the 2003 Corolla. “No GST” prohibited in advertising, as is 100% credit approval.

- Honda CRV 2000, 152,420 km, $10,995
- Toyota Corolla CE 2003, 156,852 km, $10,995

Collection Auto
1850 Lawrence Avenue East

Ad does not mention a charge for safety certification, which dealer priced at either $200 or $400, depending on the results of the inspection. Both are in excess of the real cost around $50. Additional admin. Fee of $200.

- Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1999, 140,836 km, $8,900
- Honda Accord SE 2000, 166,849 km, $8,900
- Toyota Camry XLE 1998, 184,485 km, $6,900


Auto Class
11,352 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, L4S 1K9

Use of term wholesale prices to the public a misnomer and prohibited in Ontario. Excessive extra fees total $548. Like IVN Autos Used Cars Wholesales, ad contains a phony charge for DOT -
- more correctly described as safety certification charge by salesperson.

Significant proportion of collision-damaged vehicles. Seller says he “can tell a mile away” if a vehicle has been hit, and makes a theatrical demonstration of Toyota Echo to show it is collision-free. CarProof history search confirms Echo is a write-off.

- Toyota Echo 2004, 60,988 km
- Kia Rio 2004
- Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2002

Daewoo Thornhill
8248 Yonge Street
Thornhill , L4J 1W6
Salesperson: Ahmad (A.J.) Jafari

Excessive extra fees of $670. Ad says taxes and admin extra (no mention of safety and e-test). On the lot, seller adds an extra $275 charge for safety and e-test. 2003 Altima for $13,900 does not exist (it’s a 2002). Seller says it’s an error. Seller provides good information on “free” warranties and car loans with upfront payment holidays (doesn’t recommend either).

- Nissan Altima 2002, 121,540 km, $13,900
- Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2003, 83,435 km, $14,454 (all included)
- Nissan Altima 2003, 112,708 km, $15,900

Jimiline Fine Cars Ltd.
1170 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 27
North York, M3K 2A3

Excessive extra fees totaling $525. Ad states prices do not include taxes and Admin. fees. Ad fails to specify the charges for safety and emissions certification, nor the amount of the Admin fee. Vehicles examined have no significant collision damage.

- Toyota Echo 2003, 111,700 km

Save On Auto Inc.
1170 Sheppard Avenue West, Units 37, 37, 38
Toronto, M3K 2A3

Extra charges limited to an Admin. Fee of $290. Under-reports collision on Acura (frontal collision). Altima is very clean. Corolla would not start, likely a dead battery.

- Acura 1.6 EL 2000, 150,000 km, $9,900
- Nissan Altima 3.5 2002, 296,000 km, $8,900
- Toyota Corolla 2003, 130,000 miles, $4,900

N.B Trade Inc.
5655 Highway 7 West

Low fees which seller prepared to waive (safety and e-test included). Cars in generally good condition.

- Honda Civic SE 1999, 103,000 km, $8,995


Ontario Motor Car
5274 Highway 7 West
Woodbridge, L4L 1T3

Dealer d
eclares prior collision damage on a report posted on the vehicle. APA-observed damage on the Audi A6 includes front fenders and hood replaced, and lots of body filler. Damage appears more significant than $1,500 reported by the dealer, but his estimate is consistent with the CarProof report. Protegé has somewhat more damage in CarProof report than dealer declares.

Ad mentions a charge for DOT (a bogus item, as there is no DOT in Ontario), but dealer doesn’t appear to require it. $249 admin. fee;

- Hyundai Sonata GL 2000
- Mazda Protegé SE 2002, 142,728 km, $5,999
- Audi A6 Quattro 2.8 AWD 1999, 200,000 km, $8,999

Friendly Auto Sell
1181 Finch Avenue West
Toronto, M3J 2V8

Dealer reports collision history inaccurately for two cars. Dealer says he bought the Maxima from Nissan Canada; according to ownership history search, this appears to mean car was bought at an auto auction and used to belong to Nissan. Extra charges limited to one $295 fee.

Regarding the Maxima, dealer says: “a slight accident, it runs straight”. APA inspection determines the floor and back wall of trunk were damaged, the back bumper replaced, and frame rails damaged and repaired. CarProof report shows impact with another vehicle dated 12/10/2004 for $9,516.

Regarding Jetta, CarProof entry for front-end impact dated 4/25/2003 is $10,381

- Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L Turbo 2002, 141440 km, $11,495
- Nissan Maxima SE 2003, 154,108 km, $12,999 (on car), $12,495 (in ad)


Classified Wheels Inc.
1270 Finch Avenue West, # 10
Toronto, M3J 3J7

Ad misrepresents lowest lending rate as 7.29%, it’s actually 7.9%. Excessive admin fee of $499. Amount not specified in ad.

- Toyota Camry LE 2002, 133, 000 km, $11,900
- Acura 1.6L EL 1997, 44,000 km, $7,950
- Volkswagen Golf CL 2003, $11,600, 78,000 km

AM Sales
73 Alness Street, # 5
Downsview, M3J 2H2

Relatively low extra fees of $195. Cars as represented, seller straightforward.

- Toyota Echo (green) 2002, 113,000 km, $7,700
- Nissan Sentra 2004, 93,000 km
- Toyota Camry Solara 2000, $9,900, 139,000 km (on car), 130,000 km (in ad)

Curve Motor Sport
2100 Lawrence Avenue East
Scarborough, M1R 2Z7

Vehicle collision history not consistent with dealer’s representations. Well- priced cars but a significant number damaged. Dealer obtains vehicles “in packages” from new-car dealers —“like ten Mazdas all together”.
Excessive finance fee of $400 not in ad, but required only with dealer-arranged financing. Moderate admin fee of $195.

Dealer states both Hyundai cars are accident-free, end-of-lease purchases from Hyundai Canada. CarProof report on Sonata shows frontal collision in November 2006 with damage appraisal of $9,084.

Protegé 2002 (tan): Dealer says bumper and fender repainted, possibly replaced. APA shopper asks if damage is structural, dealer says no. APA inspection reveals front and right-side damage, body filler, hood and fenders don’t line up, structural damage to frame rail. CarProof report shows claim for $3,506 in February 2005, and an earlier claim of $7,222 in May 2003 – total: $10,728.

- Hyundai Sonata 2002, 88, 853 km, $8,450
- Hyundai Elantra (gold) 2003, $8,850
- Mazda Protegé (tan) 2002, from $8,850

Vladimir Vinogradov
123 Chelwood Drive
Thornhill, Toronto
L4J 7H8

Unlicensed curbsider or dealer selling junk from his home. Seller says his family is in the insurance business; they call him up and tell him they have cars and he goes to the U.S. to pick them up. He does this because it’s cheaper. Seller says both cars were involved in frontal collisions, with only the grille and hood replaced (non-structural damage).

Seller says, “If you’re interested, you can buy it without taxes.” APA asks, “How can you do that?” Seller replies, “It’s my secret”. Both cars are in his wife’s name. Seller permits inspection at his mechanic’s garage.

Blue Galant is a U.S. insurance write-off bought at a salvage auction.
APA inspection shows the car is not fit for the road. Incorrect underbody welds, a suspension control arm is wonky, incorrect lug nuts are chewing up the alloy wheels, and the front headlights are fogging.

Mazda 6: frame damage, airbag deployment, frame twisted. Car is from Massachusetts (yellow writing on windshield said 2006).

- Mitsubishi Galant (blue) 2000, 46,877 miles
- Mitsubishi Galant 2000 (black), 102,000 miles
- Mazda 6 2006 (not for sale)

Raymond Khambatta
Ray’s Hi-Tech Automotive
171 Limestone Crescent

Curbsider who may be working with a used car dealer close by. Says car was purchased for his parents, but it’s too small for them. Seller showed photos and evidence of a New York DMV Salvage Certificate. APA’s expert determines the photos appear to come from a different Honda Civic. Seller states, “I don’t really sell cars. It just keeps me busy and out of trouble.” W FIVE confirms he’s sold 40 or more vehicles and is in trouble with Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council for curbsiding.

Seller says Civic shipped on tow truck to Canada. All-in price with taxes.
APA inspection reveals frontal impact, with moderate structural damage to the right front rail, which is still dented. Radiator upper and lower crossmembers replaced, non-Honda aftermarket fenders, aftermarket hood (with decals), A/C not working (fan and compressor). Electric windows lazy, wipers assembly sloppy, new aftermarket floormats – all not consistent with low indicated km.

- 1999 Civic from New York City, 28,310 miles/39,000 km



Overall results:

Pass: 9     Fail: 10     Total: 19

Detailed results:

Lucky Star’s Motors Ltd.

2199 Kingsway Avenue
Vancouver, V5N 2T4

Misleading ad, 2001 Sienna “3 to choose… starting at $11,800” is actually one to choose at $17,800. The Sienna advertised at $11,800 is a 1998 model.

$296 in extra fees not mentioned in ad. Comprised of a DOC. Fee of $198, lien registration of $58, and AirCare $40-$50.

Misleading reporting of damage on Civic. Ad reads “mint” condition. Seller says $6,000 claim, which is a very small collision, and parts were not replaced. APA inspection reveals two fenders and hood replaced, body filler in all 4 doors and both rear quarter panels. Structural impact at left subframe rail and strut tower. A-pillar repaired, large B-pillar gaps, radiator support replaced. Car pulls to the right on road test. Fair amount of rust for indicated mileage.

- Honda Civic 2001, 54,300 km, $11,800
- Toyota Sienna 1998, 154,000 km


BB Auto Sales LTD
2679 Kingsway
Vancouver, V5R 5H2

Low charge for extra fees, consisting of a $95 Doc. fee not mentioned in ad. Seller shows ICBC report on silver Civic -
- 3 small claims for $423, $427, $520 – likely just break-ins. Silver Civic has 4 bald tires; seller says if car fails inspection, deposit will be refunded. No apparent discrepancies other than posted prices on some vehicles which are significantly higher than the price in the ad.

- Honda Civic 1999, 4-door (green), 82,000 km, $9,900
- Honda Civic 2003, 2-door (silver), 130,000 km, $9,900 (ad), $11,900 (windshield)
- Toyota Camry Wagon 1992 (white), 142,000 miles, $4,995 (ad), $6,500 (window)

Super Choice Auto Ltd.
1205 Kingsway Avenue
Vancouver, V5E 3E2

2001 Prius advertised as “no accident” has been hit on the right side. Damage appears non-structural. Seller says prepped for sale, but APA notes it needs brake service and car required a boost to start. Both Hondas have serious structural damage. Dealer tells W-FIVE the “no accident” descriptions are due to errors by Auto Mart.

Ad promises “over 100 cars to choose from”. Actually, about 30 cars visible at the location.

Extra fees of $300 not mentioned in ad.

- Honda Si-R 2003 (black) (ad says no accidents)
- Honda S 2000, model year 2000 (silver) (ad says no accident)
- Toyota Prius 2001, 131,121 km, $13,800 (no accident)


Kurumaya Ventures Ltd.
1723 Main Street
Vancouver, V5T 3C5

No extra fees. Very knowledgeable seller, who made few representations about collision history. Seller says he is one of less than 10 car dealers to have a BBB membership. Says all his cars are from the States. ‘’I started it out here.’’ $500 off price if buyer purchases Prius as-is. APA notes some vehicles have prior bodywork, including a 1997 BMW described as “one owner, no accidents”, but none appears structural.

- Toyota Prius (silver)
- Toyota Matrix 2004, automatic ‘’full load’’ (white), 145,000 miles, $10,800 (windshield), $11,800 (ad)
- BMW 328is 1997, 2-door (blue), $12,800, “one owner, no accidents’’
- Volkswagen Passat Wagon 2001 (silver), $12,800

888 Auto Sales
715 Kingsway
Vancouver, V5V 3C2

Seller states 94 Corolla is a U.S. car imported to Canada a long time ago. Seller says it’s never been in an accident “according to ICBC”. APA notes structural damage, though ICBC report showed no accident. Left front fender replaced, hood repainted, roof partial repaint.  Side impact at B-pillar (body filler), rear door has been removed for repair or replaced.  Body filler along rocker rail (structural impact) and in both left-side doors.  Rear bumper replaced.

2003 Corolla advertised as “no accident” actually a rear impact, non-structural. Floor and back wall of trunk still pushed up, rear quarter panel repair, bumper and tail lights replaced.

Moderate extra fees of $195.

- Toyota Corolla 1994 (blue-green), 85,000 miles, $5,800, $5,500 (ad)
- Toyota Corolla 2003, 4-door (blue), 72,000 km, $13,500 (local, no accident)
- Honda Civic Si 1999, 2-door
- Honda Civic Si 1998, 115,000 km (in ad plus on car) (CD, auto, loaded, A/C, local car)


Daytona Auto Brokers
1342 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, V6P 5Z6
Salesperson: Bill Gill

Shopping experience corresponds to a High Pass, job well done.

$0 extra fees

Good constructive disclosure on vehicles and documentation. Seller answered buyer accurately regarding tires on Caravan (good for one season in Vancouver, elsewhere, buy new tires). Seller showed every form in the dealer jacket, including AirCare, ICBC, and his own report from an independent appraiser, as well as where he obtained the vehicles.
Good information on the poor coverage offered by the basic Lubrico warranty. Dealer sells the better coverage called Value Plan Protection for $499, which includes seals and gaskets.

Seller says Auto Broker is just the name. They’re not wholesalers; they operate like a dealer.

A BC MDC inspector had just visited that day. Seller says “I’d never seen an inspector in sixteen years.”

Caravan is ultra clean, interior looks new. Jetta on lot had no cluster (out for repairs).

- Mazda Protegé 5 2002, 4-door hatchback
- Honda Accord EX 1996, 81,957 km, $9,985
- Dodge Caravan 1997, 99,000 km, $6,180
- GMC Astro Van 1999, 120,000 km, $6,800


Budget Car Sales
1404 S.W. Marine Drive
Vancouver, V6P 5Z9

Dealership retails about 150 cars per month, the majority are reported to be daily rentals. Vehicles are washed, fluids checked, and maintenance schedules followed. To supplement their stock, Budget buys off-lease vehicles elsewhere. Two full-time buyers are on the road, now bringing in cars from Washington State via Budget in Bellingham.

Some cars may be repainted. If a major problem arises in the first 30 days, Budget will provide a loaner and try to fix it.

APA notes prices high on 2006 models. Not clear if used Matrix is cheaper than a new one with Toyota financing.

- Chevrolet Venture 2002
- Toyota Matrix 2006, base with A/C, 17,000 km $21,980 negotiable

RC Auto Sales
7666 Kingsway Street
Burnaby, V3N 3C6

Good information from experienced seller specializing in sub-prime lending. 25% interest rate on financing. For credit application, seller requires valid BC license, two bills to the same address and same name on driver’s license, and some pay stubs. Dealer has own tracker for bad risks, and finances with his own money. Dealer says ad copy that shows 100% guaranteed car loans attracts buyers. All vehicles sold “as-is”. Pre-purchase inspection by buyer permitted.

Dealer fails on advertising representations. Ad promises “Vehicles from $99/month, 100% guaranteed car loans, warranty available, in-house financing available”. There are no vehicles available at $99/month. According to the dealer, that payment finances a car worth less than $3,000 and those cars caused too many problems.

- Mazda Protegé ES (silver) 2001, 176,000 km, $8,995 or $381/mo
- Chevrolet Impala 1999 (silver), $8,995 or $381/mo
- Nissan Pathfinder 1995, 125,000 km (odometer), ad shows 170,000 km

Carina Auto Sales
7472 6th Street
Burnaby, V3N 4P9

No extra fees. Seller says he doesn’t buy cars at ICBC auctions, and doesn’t buy used cars from the U.S. because they are “fishy” and he doesn’t trust them.

Material misrepresentations on the extent of damage to several vehicles. Dealer states, “Every car has front-end accidents because people are on their cell phones.” APA shopper asks, “Do you have any vehicles that are not damaged?” Dealer answers, “Japanese?… no.”

2001 silver Corolla 2001: Dealer says it cost him $1,400 to repair, including a new hood for $60, radiator support, front bumper and lights. APA notes lots of aftermarket car parts from Chen Wei, not Toyota, and presence of body filler. Frame has been pulled to straighten it, but frame rails are still crooked. Factory caulking cracked at firewall, either from impact or re-stretching.

Corolla 1997: Seller says he changed two headlight assemblies, grille and hood. “Is that all?” (asked 3 times) “Yes.” APA inspection reveals both front subframe rails have structural damage. Rear damage required new tail light assemblies, rear bumper, trunk lid. Car may have been in a chain-reaction, multiple-vehicle collision.

2003 Cavalier: Front impact, passenger side airbag cover installed reversed.

1997 Protegé: seller says it cost him $500 to repair impact to driver’s side front corner. Seller says he replaced driver’s side headlight, bumper, and grille. APA inspection reveals structural damage to frame rails and strut towers – a trained eye can see the entire front of the car is still bent to the right, relative to the windshield.

Inspection permitted, seller recommends garage next door which he says is an an ICBC Claim Center called Advance Auto.  ICBC informed the APA that Advance Auto in Burnaby is NOT an ICBC Claim Center or accredited shop.

- Toyota Corolla 2001, 4-door, silver, 145,000 km, $8,995
- Toyota Corolla 1997, 91,000 km, $6,100
- Chevrolet Cavalier 2003, 108,000 km, $5,995 (‘’very clean’’)
- Mazda Protegé 1997 (not in ad)

Lucky 8 Auto Sales
4738 Lougheed H’way
Burnaby, V5C 4A8

High extra fees of $375 for documentation and lien search not disclosed in ad.

1997 Acura EL: APA inspection shows no VIN sticker on door or dash. Oil dirty and low. No oil change or timing service sticker. Too many missing VINs on this car for the represented $7,000-$8,000 accident.

2002 Acura EL with “no accidents” is too old for the dealers, according to seller. APA inspection reveals it has been extensively repainted. History search shows car came from Quebec.

- Acura 1.7EL 2002 (silver), 33,000 km (‘’no accidents’’), $17,900 (on car), $16,500 (in ad), $15,900 (discount from salesman)
- Acura 1.6 EL SE 1999
- Acura 1.6 EL Premium 1997 (black), possibly in ad or a similar car, 96,666 km, $13,800 (verbally), $10,800 (special deal to shoppers)


Miracle Auto Sales Inc.
4290 Halifax Street

Extra fees total $290 for lien search, transfer, documentation. Some cars in generally poor condition. Ad reads “clearance sale”, but no evidence of a sale going on; prices are high and seller is not prepared to discount.

Canadian and U.S. inventory. Seller says supply of local vehicles is not sufficient to supply the local market, so cars come from all over.

1998 Civic 1998 is a local car with a prior collision over $3,500. Seller says it’s ready to go, but had to use pliers to open the hood. APA inspection shows radiator and bumper supports changed. Car repainted black (was green). Rear impact too. Rubber on pedals worn to the metal is unusual on a Honda at 130,000 km.

2001 Integra: Seller says car is from Toronto, accident-free, with brand new brake rotors and pads, front and rear. APA inspection reveals 4 different tires, 2 snow tires on different axles, and 2 bald tires. Radio not working, prior rear quarter panel impact. Driver door hinges worn and pedals worn -
- unusual for indicated 74,800 km. History search reveals car originated in Quebec. Required a boost to start.

BCAA inspection permitted. APA shopper counts about 60 cars total for both lots, not 100 as per ad.

- Acura Integra GS 2001 (silver), 74,800 km, $16,880 (not negotiable)
- Honda Civic DX 1998 (black), 138,101 km, $8,980
- Honda Civic 2000 (silver)

 Global Auto Sells Ltd.
221 12th Street
New Westminster, V3M 4H4

Extra fees of $195 not mentioned in ad. Regarding financing, dealer says “Do it yourself.” Dealer uses a broker who charges the consumer $495 to have the loan approved.

Inspection not permitted at buyer’s garage, nor at the Toyota dealer across the street in Westminster. Recommends an inspection by Tony from a mobile inspection service (gave card -
- “He’s the best; he does a compression check”).

1998 Corolla: Dealer says collision repair is limited to a rear door. “That’s a deal, my friend. I tell you, it only had one small accident on the rear door. It’s been inspected by the ICBC.” Seller shows APA mystery shoppers where the accident was, “only on the back door.” APA inspection captured on W-FIVE camera shows rear third of body is from a different car.

2000 Civic SI: Seller says no major accidents, but two small ones. Not huge damage. “It was a theft recovery.” APA inspection shows front, rear, and driver-side impacts. Frame rails okay.

- Toyota XtraCab Deluxe 1992
- Toyota Corolla VE sedan, automatic, no air, (taupe) 1998, 125,000 km, $7,500
- Honda Civic SI 2000 (black), 170,000 km, $10, 500


Prime Auto
240 12th Street
New Westminster, V3M 4H2
Seller: Zoran Unkovic

$0 extra fees. A high pass, example of a good shopping experience.

Nice selection of clean cars. Dealership buys cars from other dealers. Inspection permitted wherever buyer wants. Financing by buyer is cheaper, dealer is more expensive due to brokerage fees. 3-month warranty included. Better coverage available for extra cost from Lubrico. Salesman has taken the BC MDC certification course; 70% or higher is required on 150 questions.

2000 Civic Coupe: Accident reported by seller of $2,544 is consistent with vehicle condition.

2000 Civic Hatchback represented as a theft recovery from ICBC, local car with no accidents. APA inspection shows front partially repainted, original Honda fenders, nice clean car.

- Honda Civic Coupe 2000 (silver), 120,000 km, $11,995
- Honda Civic hatchback 2000 (silver), 107,000 km, $9,900


J Wholesale Ltd.
4431 Vanguard

Dealership appears to be a discount outlet that sells retail. Reasonably clean location with a target price of about $8,000 per vehicle ‘’sweet spot’’. Plenty of non-structural hit cars priced to sell.

Cars are sold with no warranty. An extra-cost warranty from Coast To Coast is available. Just $65 covers documentation fee, lien search + ICBC paperwork. Seller states other dealers charge a lot more, but “That’s what is costs us to make the papers.”

Protegé 5 is not yet prepared for sale. “We don’t know if there are any accidents on out-of-province cars.” APA inspection reveals front hit, front and rear repainting (impact not structural). Condition consistent with age and mileage of vehicle.

Sephia appears to be in good overall condition. Seller says it is a better bet than the Protegé 5 for $1,000 more (correct). APA inspection confirms no accidents, local car, owned by a smoker.

The Sonata is from Quebec. APA inspection shows front damage, car rough, couldn’t determine presence of structural damage because dealer couldn’t find the keys to open it.

- Protegé 5 2002 (yellow), 232,000 km, $7,500
- Kia Sephia 2001 (silver), $8,500
- Hyundai Sonata 2000, silver with leather interior



Accent Leasing and Sales Ltd.
3291 # 3 Road
Richmond, V6X 2B6

Cheezy ad promises “Rates from 4.9% approved or free car!” Dealer says 4.9% is doable with in-house financing arranged with money from a private investor, or 7.65% at HSBC. Minimum of 10% down.

Only Vancouver dealer to offer fully prepped cars backed with 30 day bumper-to-bumper warranty, and 90 day powertrain warranty with no apparent repair limit. Ad states warranty is “unconditional” – meaning is not clear to APA shoppers. Dealer permits inspection at buyer’s garage.

Dealer doesn’t carry any vehicles older than 2003. High prices on most of inventory will make early termination risky, as buyer will likely owe more on the lease or financing than the value of the vehicle.

2003 Civic is a local car; dealer discloses one $1,900 accident. Dealer shows buyers washout sheet with about $1,600 in reconditioning charge, including two tires, new brakes, a transmission flush, and oil change. Some room to d
rop price.

2005 Civic: Dealer says no accidents, which is correct.

- Honda Civic 2003, 4-door (beige), 83,000 km, $18, 462
- Honda Civic 2005, 4-door (silver), 29,000 km, $20,887

Kent Autosales
4349 Dawson Street
Burnaby, V5C 4B4

Heroic effort by seller, who demonstrated vehicles that were blanketed with snow, jump-started one that did not start, and did not recommend a tired Montana van. All vehicles are purchased at U.S. auctions. Seller produced paperwork for all three vehicles shown, including CarFax report, importation papers, BC safety certification.

Fails due to excessive extra fees not indicated in ad of up to $390 for cars costing above $20,000. Seller did not recommend paying the additional $500-$600 finder’s fee for in-house financing.

Seller says a local non U.S. 2002 Forester would sell for $15,000 (likely true). CarFax shows it’s a Nevada car with two owners, the first for 1 month, the second for 4 years. Body all clean.

Montana has been inspected, but not repaired yet. Dealer says, “We have to make sure there’s antifreeze in there. If we start the car (like this), we blow the engine.” History search shows three owners in Washington State. Seller discloses defective power window and wheel bearing. APA inspection reveals a bad antifreeze leak, right-side repainted, 4 tires bald, lots of oil leaks.

- Subaru Forester 2002 (green), 108, 532 miles, $11,995
- Pontiac Montana 1997 (blue), 147,000 miles, $3,700


Gold Seal Motors Ltd.
1530 Boundary Rd.
Burnaby, V5K 4V4

Extraordinarily high finance fees, but they do not appear to be mandatory. Dealership offers financing at 8.6% -
- with a financing charge up to $1,000.

Jetta body clean, dealer says wheels and tires replaced due to vandalism.

- Volkswagen Jetta GLS (black), 115,000 km, 110,700 km, $12,995
- Honda Civic 2001 (beige), 115,000 km, $10,995

Burnaby South Auto Sales Ltd.
5711 Byrne Road
Burnaby, V5J 3J1

Materially underreports extent of damage on vehicles. According to dealer, if ICBC determines there is frame damage, they will not allow the vehicle back on the road (incorrect, based on the evidence in the dealer’s own inventory). According to dealer, “When ICBC determines prior damage is over $2,000, they write it off.” Dealer claim that it costs $240 an hour to fix a car after a collision is outlandish.

No extra fees.

Referring to the 2000 Corolla, seller says the frame has never been touched. The engine, transmission and differential were not touched, only body damage. Shopper asks about the radiator. Answer: “the radiator is original. It’s never been touched.”

APA inspection of the Corolla reveals impact at both front frame rails. The upper part of the right-side frame rail has been displaced at the firewall. Body filler on right-side rear door is not fully painted over. Radiator replaced. Car needed a boost.

RAV4: Dealer says damage is cosmetic. APA inspection reveals structural impact at the right rear corner, and the rear door has been replaced with one from a white vehicle. (Car is champagne or another light metallic colour.)

Seller permits inspection at a dealer, BCAA or Canadian Tire.

- Toyota Corolla 2000, 97,000 km, $8,800
- Toyota RAV4 2000, 119,000 km, $10,900
- Honda Civic Si 2005, 4-door, 7,500 km (in ad), 8,300 km (odometer)