Ford Escape 2023

The revised exterior styling is different and more original the its Porsche-inspired predecessor. The cabin is a very conservative design and very much in the current Ford styling idiom. Premium trims are equipped with a transistor film technology gauge cluster, a large info-screen dominates the top centre of the dashboard and the climate and audio controls are straightforward. Cabin and cargo space are good for this class.
Two familiar engines, a 1.5L turbo triple and a 2L turbo four, return for 2023. A conventional hybrid model employs a 2.5L normally aspirated four as well as electric motors to furnish 198 total system horsepower. Ford had a failed launch of an Escape PHEV but finally released it and it is now generally available. The PHEV is rated at 209 horsepower. Power reaches the the wheels via a conventional eight-speed automatic transmission on the gasoline models and an electronic CVT on the hybrids.
Driven briefly in 2L form, the Escape is fast, flexible, and is more refined than many of the 2L turbos powering luxury brands. The lusty 2L four is hooked up to a conventional hydraulic eight-speed automatic transmission that is well matched to the power characteristics of the engine. The steering of the Escape is light but precise and the ride-handling compromise arrived at by Ford reflects a lot of hard work.
The APA had an opportunity to drive an Escape powered by the segment-first three-cylinder engine. With 180 horsepower, the 1.5T accelerates with vigour, revs eagerly and cruises at low revs. While the engine delivers in terms of performance, smoothness is another matter. Around town, the engine sounds like a quiet diesel but is mechanically smooth as it revs. The harmonic imbalances inherent with the three-cylinder layout are most evident in the 1500 to 2000 rpm range, which corresponds with top-gear operation at most posted speed limits. Most passengers asked what the sonic rumbling was, aware that Escape had an unusual engine. Certainly the new 1.5L triple is not as smooth as the 1.5L turbo four that was the mainstream engine in the previous Escape. Turning up the audio system does not eliminate the the imbalance as it is felt as well as heard. The eight-speed automatic transmission seeks the highest possible gear, a common strategy to log the best fuel economy possible on U.S. government fuel economy tests. The transmission upshifts smoothly and downshifts eagerly. Ford will have to work harder to eliminate the sonic rumbling of the 1.5L three but could have also altered gearing to get the engine out of its rumbly rev. zone at most posted speed limits. The auto-start system can be turned off. Instead of restarting when the driver lifts their foot from the brake, Ford requires the driver to place their foot on the gas pedal to get the engine moving again. The automatic transmission has no creep feature when in Drive, requiring the gas pedal to be pushed to move when maneuvering the vehicle at low speeds. Observed fuel economy of 10.3L/100 km in mild, late spring conditions, was no better than four-cylinder competitors.

Ford has arrived as a pleasant ride-handling compromise. Steering is nicely weighted and quick, but does feel just slightly nervous at highway speeds.

With comfortable seats and abundant space, the Escape is a worthy travel capsule for full-sized adults. Cargo space is ample. The Escapes air-conditioning works well enough and both the seat heaters and heated steering wheel warm very quickly. Towing capacity ranges from 690 kilograms (1500 lbs.) to 1587 kilograms (3500 lbs.), depending on the powertrain.

All-wheel drive, optional on the Active and ST Line trims, is priced at $2600, $1100 higher than last year. The base Active trim, with the Ford Co-Pilot 360 safety suite, dual-zone auto climate control, a driver awareness warning, power driver’s seat, a power liftgate and deep-tint glass, is very well equipped. Upgrading to the ST Line is priced well beyond the value of its content and could easily just be folded into the Active trim. The ST Line Select upgrade adds a heated steering wheel, heated seats, fog lights, remote starting, ambient cabin lighting, a garage door opener, the powerful 2L four-cylinder turbo engine and all-wheel drive, at a fair price. The Platinum upgrade includes rear parking sonar, active cruise control with stop and go, wireless cellphone charging, a 360 degree camera system, evasive steer assist, a 10-way power driver’s seat and six-way power passenger seat, an alarm system and a memory system, at a bargain price. The ST-Line Elite range-topper adds navigation and not much and is not a great value and should just be folded into the Platinum trim. The conventional hybrid, powered by a 2.5L normally-aspirated four and the electric motor, which sends power to the front wheels, costs a massive $6000 on the ST-Line trim. The hybrid upgrade on the ST-Line Select replaces the powerful 2L turbo and includes all-wheel drive for $4000. The front-wheel drive only PHEV, is only offered in a single trim not really aligned with the conventional hybrid. The PHEV Premium package offers leather seating, a Bang & Olufsun audio system, wireless cellphone charging and a plethora of comfort and convenience items, as a tempting priced. Rebates of $2500 from Quebec and $5000 from the federal government for the PHEV versions.

Reliability is unknown on this all-new vehicle. The 2L turbo is a known quantity but the new 1.5L turbo triple, the hybrid and the new eight-speed automatic transmission, are unproven. The its first few years of production, the previous Escape was rated well below average for reliability.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    1.5L-3 T (180 HP)*, 2L‑4 T (250 HP), 2.5L-4 H (198 HP)
  • Transmissions

    8A*, CVT (hybrids) 
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 9.2L/100 km Road: 7.4L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Compact SUV & Crossover
  • Country of Origin

    United States



What’s new this year?

Mid-cycle update includes retiring the Porsche-inspired front end outside and adding a new SYNC 4 interface and an eight-inch dash screen, inside. New trim names and revised equipment for 2023. A mini spare wheel and tire is standard this year.

Starting from  $ 32 849

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - September 26, 2023
Base vehicle
Active 200A 1.5L EcoBoost FWD
$ 0 $ 32 849
ST-Line 300A 1.5L EcoBoost FWD
$ 0 $ 34 349
ST-Line 301A 2.5L Hybrid FWD
$ 0 $ 40 349
PHEV 700A 2.5L Hybrid FWD
$ 0 $ 47 499
Active 200A 1.5L EcoBoost
$ 0 $ 35 449
ST-Line 300A 1.5L EcoBoost
$ 0 $ 36 949
ST-Line 301A 2.5L Hybrid
$ 0 $ 42 949
ST-Line Select 400A 2.5L Hybrid
$ 0 $ 43 449
ST-Line Select 401A 2.0L EcoBoost
$ 0 $ 39 449
ST-Line Elite 500A 2.5L Hybrid
$ 0 $ 47 379
ST-Line Elite 501A 2.0L EcoBoost
$ 0 $ 43 379
Platinum 600A 2.5L Hybrid
$ 0 $ 45 879
Platinum 601A 2.0L EcoBoost
$ 0 $ 41 877
Tech Pack 1
$ 0 $ 1 500
Tech Pack 2

For FWD models

$ 0 $ 4 530
Tech Pack 2

For AWD models

$ 0 $ 3 430
Premium Technology Package
$ 0 $ 2 200
Cold Weather Package
$ 0 $ 1 100
PHEV Premium Package
$ 0 $ 4 930
Class II Trailer Tow Package
$ 0 $ 700
Power Open/Close Panoramic Vista Roof
$ 0 $ 1 750
Rear Parking Sensors
$ 0 $ 350
Optional 19-inch Wheels
$ 0 $ 1 000
Optional Paint 1
$ 0 $ 600
Optional Paint 2
$ 0 $ 800
Cargo Mat (Cargo Area Protector)
$ 0 $ 150
Easy Access Cargo Shade
$ 0 $ 150
Front & Rear Floor Liners w/o Carpet
$ 0 $ 200
Remote Start System
$ 0 $ 520
Front & Rear Floor Liners w/ Carpet
$ 0 $ 250
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 2 095
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 100

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