Honda Civic 2023

Driven in its ultimate form, the Touring, the 2022 Civic is an impressive machine. The 1.5 turbo is quick, pretty serene, and much less drony than the same unit in the previous-generation car. Nicely-weighted, precise steering, stable handling and a firmly-resilient ride, make the new Civic a pleasure to conduct. With the six-speed manual transmission, with a light clutch and crisp gearchange, the 1.5T Civic is an engaging drive.

The cabin is roomy, comfortable and well-appointed in Touring form. Poor heating, a source of complaint on the previous-generation car, is now good.

Two familiar engines, a 158 horsepower, normally-aspirated 2L, and a 1.5L turbo with 180 horsepower (200 HP on the Si) return for mainstream versions of the car. The Type-R, powered by a 2L turbo four with 315 horsepower, is new for 2023 but, essentially, a myth, as it sold out the moment it was announced. The Honda Sensing system returns, with a forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow as well as blind spot and lane departure warnings. Rear cross traffic is included on the Touring trim. The Civic is equipped with 10 airbags.

All models are equipped with L.E.D. headlamps. Except tor the Touring and the Type-R, which boast an LCD gauge cluster, Civic drivers face crisply-marked conventional instrumentation. Except for the Touring, which includes a nine inch, dash-mounted inforscreen, Civics feature a seven inch screen. The dashboard is very horizontally oriented and is adorned with a perforated mesh grille that disguises the dash vents. The climate is controlled via three dials, and infotainment functions can be manipulated via knobs for volume and tuning and hard buttons for other functions. The interior is tastefully conservative and is constructed from attractive materials. The iOS-Android infotainment is standard on all trims; with the connection being wireless on the Touring trim, which also includes wireless cellphone charging.

Sedan: with a comprehensive active safety suite, air-conditioning and the expected power accessories, the base LX trim is nicely equipped and lacks nothing most potential buyers are looking for. Moving up to the EX adds alloy wheels, a sunroof, a heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel, variable intermittent wipers and some minor items, and is reasonable value. The Sport trim adds little of value for the money asked other than a few “Sporting” style accents. However, the Touring, with the 1.5 turbo, leather seats, navigation, a Bose-branded audio system, power front seats, rear cross traffic, a TFT gauge package and larger info-screen, is very good value. The Si model adds 20 horsepower to the 1.5 turbo engine but curses the owner to use premium fuel, which makes the extra power like a poison chalice. Compared with the Touring, the Si lacks power front seats and navigation, but is more expensive, rendering it distinctly overpriced. Hatchback: Though equipment levels aren’t significantly different, the LX hatchback costs over $5000 more than the LX sedan, with the Sport Touring hatchback bearing an MSRP nearly $5700 than the sedan of the same trim. This price gap seems excessive given that Mazda charges $1000 more for the 3 hatchback compared with the sedan. Moving from the LX hatch to the Sport adds bigger wheels, a sunroof and a heated steering wheel, leather clad steering wheel, but is overpriced. The Sport Touring includes leather seating, power front seats, a Bose-branded audio system, heated rear seats and rear cross traffic monitors, and is a tremendous value. The hyper-performance Type-R is priced about $13,000 more than an Si, which is not excessive given its substantially enhanced performance.

Above average reliability predicted for the 2L Civic. Durability of the 1.5L turbo is uncertain and there have been complaints regarding premature wastegate failures which Honda has no interest in fixing. The turbo and intercooler are only covered for three years/60,000 kilometres.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    1.5L T (180 HP, Si 200 HP) , 2L-4 (158 HP), 2L-4 T (315 HP Type-R)
  • Transmissions

    6M, CVT* 
  • Drive Layout

    Front-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Small Cars

What’s new this year?

The 11th generation of the Civic enters its second year except for the introduction of the 315 horsepower Type-R hatchback.

Starting from  $ 26 285

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - October 1, 2023
Base vehicle
Sedan LX-B
$ 0 $ 26 285
Sedan LX
$ 0 $ 26 835
Sedan EX-B
$ 0 $ 28 600
Sedan EX
$ 0 $ 29 150
Sedan Sport-B
$ 0 $ 29 700
Sedan Sport
$ 0 $ 30 252
Sedan Touring
$ 0 $ 33 350
Sedan Si Manual
$ 0 $ 35 132
Hatchback LX

Manual or CVT

$ 0 $ 30 130
Hatchback Sport-B
$ 0 $ 33 080
Hatchback Sport
$ 0 $ 33 630
Hatchback Sport Touring

Manual or CVT

$ 0 $ 37 130
Type R
$ 0 $ 50 050
Optional Paint

Available on select trims.

$ 0 $ 300
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 1 780
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 100

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