Mercedes-Benz CLA 2023

The advent of the A-Class moved the CLA upmarket in terms of size and price to the point where it becomes the most expensive version of the Mercedes junior, front-wheel drive- based lineup. The CLA is so close in size and price to the C-Class, the least expensive of the Mercedes traditional rear-wheel drive based senior line, one wonders why they renewed the CLA lineup for this generation.

The current CLA retains an identifiable silhouette, but, with less fussy styling accents than previously, the new car looks sleeker. The CLA’s cabin, with its long, rectangular computer tablet instrumentation-infotainment screen and turbine style air vents, uses pieces from the related A-Class. The look is very high-tech but not to all tastes, with some commenting that the silver-painted vents look vulgar. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience, or MBUX, that was introduced on the A-Class, is also featured on the CLA. The MBUX, which reacts to the phrase “Hey Mercedes” works like other audio-based concierge services that are becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

The mainstream CLA 250 is powered by 2L turbocharged four that is rated at 221 horsepower and an impressive 258 lb.ft. of torque. Power reaches all wheels via a seven-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission. Like the previous CLA, there are two genuine (as opposed to a wheel and trim kit) AMG versions of the car. The CLA AMG 35 is rated at 302 horsepower, with the CLA AMG 45 rated at 382 horsepower. The AMG 35 is hooked up to a seven-speed dual clutch automated manual transmission, with an eight-speed unit used on the AMG 45.

The CLA is sold in a single trim with a multitude of option packages. With heated front seats, a power driver’s seat and dual-panel sunroof, the CLA is well-equipped. Of the option packages, the Premium package, Night and Technology packages are overpriced. The Sport package is reasonable priced if you like the look. Metallic paint ranges from $975 to $4225 but real wood trim costs only $115. Leather seating is a pricey $2105 option. The AMG 35 costs $10,500 more than the CLA 250, with the AMG45 priced at $11,500 more than the CLA 35.

Not rated due to insufficient sales. Based on the latest version of the front-wheel drive-based architecture used for the junior lineup of Mercedes cars. If the previous CLA is a representation of future reliability, this new CLA will deliver below average reliability. Leasing for no longer than the four year/80,000 km is recommended. No powertrain warranty past the basic warranty.

Opting for an optional scheduled service plan is also recommended. For cash or finance buyers, the service plan that offers three scheduled services over 45 months is priced at $1300. Four services over a 48 month period costs $1999. If leasing, three services over a 36 month period adds $25 month to your lease payment, three services over a 45 month period cost $22 per month and opting for four services over a 45 month period costs $33 per your monthly lease payment. If you are financing of paying cash for an AMG variant, three services over a 36 month term cost $2500 with four services over 48 months adding $3599 to the tariff. If leasing, three services over a 36 month term will add $36 per month to your lease with $59 per month for four services over a 45 month term.  Despite the enormous price bump, the AMG-branded variants of the CLA account for up to a third of sales. At the beginning of 2023, the Advanced Driver Assistance package was in short supply. Delivery times in early 2023 were four to five months.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2L-4 T (221 HP*, 302 HP AMG 35, 382 HP AMG 45) 
  • Transmissions

    7A automated manual
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 9.8L/100 km Road: 7L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Luxury Small Cars



What’s new this year?

No changes of note for 2023.

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