Nissan Altima 2023.5

Nissan’s normally aspirated 2.5L four is the sole engine offered in the new Altima. Except when accelerating very slowly or while cruising, the 2.5L sounds coarse. It is especially unrefined when moving from a stop in fast-moving suburban traffic situations when quick acceleration is required. The throttle requires a determined push to engage any meaningful acceleration and makes the car feel lethargic most of the>The Nissan CVT is programmed to mimic the operating style of a conventional hydraulic automatic transmission and generally works very well.
Steering is engaged by a thick-rimmed, small diameter wheel that is a pleasure to hold. While the steering is nicely weighted, accurate and holds its line well, if feels detached, a Nissan trait.
The Altima’s ride-handling compromise is pretty well sorted for a family touring car but some APA drivers thought the car felt loose and they detected some creaks from the suspension. Unlike some cars, which reveal their excellence as you become more familiar with them, the Altima makes a good first impression but then starts unveiling its deficiencies the more you drive it.
Visibility to the front and out the front side windows is very good but the triangular rise of the rear door belt line and the high rear deck limit the view for reversing and lane changes.
The minimum possible temperature for the climate system is 18 centigrade, too warm for some drivers in really hot weather.
The Bose-branded audio system in the Platinum range-topper delivers unimpressive sounds.

After a bizarre styling mis-step with the previous Altima, Nissan joined the contemporary mainstream with the latest iteration of the nameplate.
The interior is clean and modern and features class competitive space. The iOS/Android cellphone interface is standard and the car can sync up to the iOS and Android watches as well.
With direct injection and 80 percent of its internal components redesigned, the 2.5L four is, according to Nissan, virtually new. The Altima is exclusively all-wheel drive. The 2L turbo four, offered in the U.S. with front-wheel drive, is not available in Canada.
The Platinum range-topper, with leather seating, a name brand audio system, is well equipped but its leather upholstery does not project the aura of luxury expected.

All-wheel drive is standard on all trims. A front-wheel drive variant powered by a 2L turbo four is offered in the U.S. but not in Canada. The base model, the S, with a power driver’s seat, heated front seats, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure, blind spot and rear cross traffic warnings, is nicely equipped. Moving up to the SR trim adds alloy wheels, active cruise control, a sunroof, wireless cellphone charging, a heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control and remote starting, and is excellent value. The SR Premium upgrade includes a large 12.3 inch infotainment display, navigation, a four-way power passenger seat, auto-dim rearview mirror and leather seating, and is very good value. The Platinum really offers little not available on the SR Premium and should just be discontinued. About 70 percent of Altima intenders buy, rather than lease, surprising given the fragile transmission. Nissan concentrates on the SR and SR Premium trims with the Platinum only logging about five percent of sales. As of early 2023, delivery times for the Altima were only one to three months, much better than most competitors.

New vehicle, not rated. Below average reliability is likely. CVT failures can occur on after the warranty ends.

Last update: June 29, 2023


  • Engine

    2.5L-4 (179 HP) 
  • Transmissions

  • Fuel consumption

    City: 9.1/100 km Road: 6.5L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    Front-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Midsize Cars



What’s new this year?

Gently revised front and rear styling. Minor trim name and equipment tinkering. New SR Technology and SR Premium packages. The Midnight Edition was discontinued. A rear seat belt reminder has been added. A 12.3 inch infotainment screen is new for the SR Premium and Platinum trims. Wireless cellphone charging is standard on the SR and Platinum models. Nissan’s new logo is used on the 2023 Altima.

Starting from 

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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