Toyota Corolla Cross 2023

Powered by Toyota’s ubiquitous 2L four, the Corolla Cross is sufficiently quick but works very hard for each incremental kilometre per hour.

The 2L four is is smooth when driven in general driving but becomes quite vocal when anything greater than moderate acceleration required. The 2L needs a lot of revs to get the car moving quickly from a stop and is not nearly as quick as its rated 169 horsepower would suggest. Though noisty when accelerating hard, the 2L engine does emit some precision sounds.

The standard CVT transmission has faux shift points that convey a conventional sound pattern to performance, rather than the ‘rubber-banding’soundtrack that earlier CVTs delivered. Cornering exhibits a bit of lean but handling is steady and occupants are treated to an impressive ride. The steering of the Cross is nicely weighted, holds its line well on the highway but is numb. The brakes work well, with a solid pedal feel and no lost motion.

The air-conditioner kept occupants cool in sweltering weather and the JBL-branded audio system in the car the APA drove delivered pleasing sounds and its controls were delightfully straightfoward.

Front occupants repose on comfortable seats and there is plenty of room. The rear seat comfy and supportive but legroom is tight, proving that Toyota should have opted for the longer wheelbase from the Corolla sedan. The cargo space is not particularly large but is very deep below the window line. The mainly black and white trim of the high-end model featured dark brown accents on the seats. There is a big, padded crash pad, on the vertical surfaces of dash and on the front doors. The top of the dash and the rear door toppers are fashioned from matte-finished hard plastic. There is plenty of in-cabin storage.

The Corolla Cross, built on the TNGA-C platform that underpins various Toyota models. Interestingly, Toyota opted to base the Corolla Cross on the shorter 2639 mm (103.9 inch) wheelbase of the Corolla hatchback, rather than the 2700 mm (106.3 inch) wheelbase of the sedan. At 4460 mm (175.6 inches), the Cross is 85 mm (3.46 inches) longer than the Corolla hatch, 36 mm (1.4 inches) wider and a substantial 211 mm (8.3 inches) taller. The dimensions of the Corolla Cross demonstrate how large the so-called current “compact” crossovers have become, as the Corolla Cross is actually larger than the 2001 RAV4. Power stems from the same 2L four offered in other Corollas, produces 169 horsepower in this application. Power reaches the front wheels, or optionally, all wheels, exclusively via a CVT. Toyota notes that there is a conventional first gear to launch the car, after which, the CVT takes over. The rear wheels on the front-wheel variants are held up with a torsion beam axle, with a fully-independent rear suspension supporting the rear on all-wheel drive variants. Toyota Safety System 2.0, with a forward collision warning, including pedestrians, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control, is standard. Towing capacity is stated to be 1500 pounds (680 kg).

The styling of the Corolla Cross displays a similar silhouette as the RAV4 but without the excesslively embellished surfaces of its larger showroom mate. The Cross re-uses the dash from the Corolla hatch.

All-wheel drive, standard on the LE Premium and XLE, is a $1860 option on the L and is priced at just $840 on the LE. With heated front seats and L.E.D. headlight, the base L trim is nicely equipped. The LE upgrade adds alloy wheels and a heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel, push button starting, an alarm system, a cargo blind and blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors, and is good value. With a sunroof, wireless cellphone charging and roof rails, the LE Premium trim is well worth taking. The XLE, with a JBL-branded audio system, dual zone climate control and a power tailgate, the XLE trim is priced to reflect the value of its content. Delivery delays for a new Corolla Cross are far beyond what could be explained by the Post-Covid problems that are near universal within the car industry.

Only offered in SE and XSE trims, no direct comparison between the hybrid and the conventional Cross. It is a moot point, however, as delivery times for the Cross are so lengthy that Toyota has essentially ended the possibility of ever receiving one.

Predicted reliability is above average.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2L-4 (169 HP)
  • Transmissions

  • Fuel consumption

    City: 8.1L/100 km Road: 7.4L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    Front-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Micro SUVs & Crossovers



What’s new this year?

The base L model is now equipped with a rear wiper, a major oversight from 2022. All models gain the Toyota Mulitimedia system. A hybrid version of the Corolla Cross has been added to the catalogue but with no deliveries are expected for several years, the hybrid is essentially a catalogue phantom.

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Report - September 26, 2023
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