Nissan Sentra 2024

Our 2024 review is coming soon. Below is our review of the 2023 model year, which should remain largely unchanged for 2024.

The current-generation Sentra is a big improvement on its predecessor but it is not compelling in any way, especially as a lack of expected durability makes the choice of one when some durable competitors exist, a bit of a mystery.

Driven in SR form with manual transmission, the Sentra was a pleasant enough machine. The clutch is docile and the shifter is precise and nicely weighted. Gearing was a bit odd and the engine spins a bit too quickly at highway speeds considering the car has a six-speed transmission. The engine is smooth and quiet, revs happily enough but power is lacklustre for what is supposed to be the “sporty” version of the car. The CVT transmission exhibits a lot of the sonic stretchiness that annoys people about CVTs and a feature many makers have eliminated. Steering is nicely weighted and geared, but feels detached. The Sentra’s ride exhibits a common Nissan trait in that it handles a single bump well but loses its composure when more than one bump is encountered. Braking has a good pedal feel and solid response.

The front seats bring mixed reviews, some love the deep-padded comfort while others find them too soft. The rear seat is supportive, with enough roof for adults. An overly low roof makes getting in and out of the car difficult and restricts headroom. Cabin materials were hit and miss, with some being very luxurious while others look budget oriented. The driver faces crisply marked, conventional gauges, and while its graphics look amateur, the free-standing info screen and the controls for the climate and audio system work well. Air conditioning, a weak point in some Nissans, works well. Very mediocre sound system.

Introduced in 2020, the Sentra boasted a return to contemporary style for Nissan, and the car is actually one of the most attractive cars in its class. While American brands have abandoned the compact car segment, Nissan and the other Asian manufacturers field strong entries in this class, awaiting the day when the current taste for crossovers recedes. The dashboard of the Sentra includes a large, easily-scanned gauge package in front of the driver, a big format standalone screen at the top centre of the dash and logical controls for the infotainment and climate controls. The rest of the cabin reflects a will on the part of Nissan to spend some time on design and a bit more money on cabin fittings than it has in the past.

Power for the new Sentra is derived from a 2L four that produces 149 horsepower. The 2L is more than adequate but most makers offer a higher power engine in this class of car. Most Sentras will send power to the wheels via a CVT but a six-speed manual transmission is slated to be available on the base model, likely more to advertise a low MSRP than to quell customer demand.

The Nissan Safety Shied 360, with intelligent emergency braking, rear intelligent emergency braking, forward collision monitor, a driver awareness monitor, a rear seat occupancy warning and 10 airbags, are all standard.

Even the base S trim includes comprehensive active safety equipment. The S Plus is really nothing but an automatic transmission option. Upgrading to the SV adds alloy wheels, heated exterior mirrors with turn signals, dual-zone climate controls, active cruise control, upgraded textiles, two additional speakers, remote starting and a number of minor items and is a bargain. The SV Special Edition adds a sunroof, spoiler and larger wheels and is priced to reflect its additional equipment. The SR trim includes larger wheels, a rear centre armrest, L.E.D. headlamps, fog lights, a “sporty” body kit, leather wrapped shifter and steering wheel and a heated steering wheel and is priced to value. The SR Midnight upgrade offers little of value The SR Premium range-topper includes faux suede seating panels, a power driver’s seat, Bose-branded audio, a 360 degree camera, an auto-dimming rearview mirror and a few minor items and is good value.

Reliability is predicted to be below average.

Last update: October 1, 2023


  • Engine

    2L-4 (149 HP)
  • Transmissions

    6M, CVT*
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 8L/100 km Road: 6L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    Front-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Small Cars
  • Country of Origin




Starting from  $ 22 548

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - December 3, 2023
Base vehicle
S Manual
$ 0 $ 22 548
S Plus
$ 0 $ 24 248
$ 0 $ 25 648
SV w/Moonroof Package
$ 0 $ 26 948
SR Manual
$ 0 $ 27 448
$ 0 $ 28 548
SR Premium
$ 0 $ 30 648
Metallic Paint


$ 0 $ 135
Pearl Paint

Available on select trims.

$ 0 $ 300
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 1 850
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 100

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