Toyota Crown 2023

The new Crown is based on the same TGNA-K platform that underpins the related Venza. Compared with the Venza, the Crown is built on a 155 mm (6.1 inch) longer wheelbase, is 239 mm (9.4 inches) longer overall, 153 mm (6 inches) lower and about the same width. The XLE and Limited trims are powered by Toyota’s conventional nickel-metal hydride battery pack and a normally-aspirated 2.5 L four, to create 236 total system horsepower. Power reaches the front wheels via a CVT, with the rear wheels being driven electrically. The Max Hybrid employs a 2.4L turbo four and battery pack to provide 340 total system horsepower and 400 lb.ft. or torque. A conventional six-speed automatic transmission is used and drive to all four wheels is stated to be electric.

Driven briefly, the high-power Platinum Max range topper was fast, and unless pushed really hard, when it takes on an enthusiastic, hard-edged blatt, the powertrain of the Crown is very quiet. The conventional six-speed automatic transmission is well matched to the engine. While not the last word in road feel, the steering of the Crown, is precise and easily keeps its line on the highway. Handling is confident, impressively so given the plush ride characteristics of the car. With successful road and wind noise suppression, the Crown is a very quiet car.

Having a sedan shape but near crossover height, the Crown is a very interesting styling exercise but crossing and/or combining the attributes of two different market segment into a single car takes on an element of risk. However, Toyota had no market success is plying the traditional path with its excellent Avalon, and can’t do any worse by taking a gamble on the new concept represented by the Crown. The new Crown has fastback sedan proportions that are combined with a roofline 79 mm (3.1 inch) taller than the Avalon it replaces. The front of the Crown displays a slim-line grille and headlamps that rest atop a massive lower air intake. Like many new cars, the front fascia is pierced by significant style elements at its low extremities. The side profile of the Crown is quite clean, with an applied black accent on its lower doors, some black wheel-arch mouldings and very shallow side windows when viewed in relation to the great depth of the painted panels they sit atop. A number of two-tone paint treatments, which cascade onto the front and rear ends of the car, are available. Inside, the driver faces a TFT gauge package of unremarkable visual quality, especially given the luxury segment pricing of the car. The line of the gauge package continues toward the centre of the car and contains a large-format horizontally-arrayed infotainment display. Like on the Lexus NX and RX models, contrast on this readout is so faint as to render it unreadable. Except for an on-off-volume button, all infotainment functions are manipulated by a touch screen. All the climate control functions employ physical buttons which are easy to use. The gear selector on the Crown is a non-mechanical device that is easier to use than some but not as straightforward as a conventional gear selector. The front seats are comfortable but drivers feel a bit hemmed in by the wide centre console. The rear seat is very comfortable and passengers enjoy copious legroom. Like the Venza, the cabin of the Crown is visually restful and constructed of premium looking materials. That said, the Zen-Minimalist cabin styling of the Venza is more elegant and roomier for the driver than that of the Crown. Trunk space, accessed via a fairly small trunk opening but the trunk itself is large.

The base XLE trim is nicely equipped. Moving up to the Limited adds leather seating, a large-format fixed-glass roof, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, a JBL audio system, parking sensors and a variety of minor items, is reasonable value. Migrating to the platinum trim includes the 340 horsepower MAX powertrain as well adaptive suspension and larger wheels, but looks very expensive. Two-tone paint costs a withering $850. With one foot in the sedan camp and the other in the crossover arena, it will be interesting to see how the Crown will fare in the market, especially as its hybrid-exclusive format may severely limit sales due to the inability of Toyota to produce hybrid powertrains.

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An all-new Toyota brand range-topper that replaces the Avalon and reprises the name Crown that has not been used in North America since the 1970s. The body design is, with fastback sedan styling but with near crossover height, a unique, cross-segment vehicle. At a time when it is critically short of hybrid powertrains and disappointing customers with their inability to deliver cars, Toyota has elected to make the Crown exclusively hybrid.

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