Mazda CX-90 2024

The CX-90 is built on a new Mazda large vehicle platform that will also spawn a new Mazda 6. The architecture is rear-wheel drive biased but all-wheel drive is standard on all variants. The mainstream powertrain features a turbocharged 3,3 L inline six hooked up to a 48 volt mild hybrid system that generates 340 total system horsepower and 369 of torque. Also offered is a PHEV variant combines the efforts of a normally-aspirated 2.5L four with a 17.8 kWh battery pack to crank out 323 horsepower and 369 lb.ft of torque. Mazda has not released a full-electric operation figure as of yet. Power reaches the wheels via an 8-speed automatic that Mazda notes has neither a torque converter nor a dual-clutch unit. An electric motor is placed between the engine and transmission and there is a clutch on either side of the electric motor. The clutch replaces the torque converter in the transmission.

An active safety suite, said to contain a forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors and active cruise control, has been announced as standard equipment.

While the proportions of the CX-90 are chunkier than we are used to from Mazda, the new CUV is, from its sleek headlamps and chrome chin strap chrome accent up front, artfully curved flanks and visually-restrained rear end, very Mazda and very elegant. Mazda has played upon its rear-wheel drive architecture and the side profile of the CX-90 gently suggests its drive layout. Inside, the driver faces a TFT gauge package with three main faux dials that mimics the instrumentation that has graced all Mazdas for about the last decade. A free-standing infotainment screen sits atop the centre of the dash and above a climate control that employs toggles for temperature and push buttons for distribution. The centre console houses Mazda’s infotainment interface that features a rotary wheel surrounded by buttons to pick the function, whether it be radio or navigation, you seek. Driven in other Mazdas, the system is not appreciated by all users, some of whom can get lost in the various menus. The cabin uses shapes and different materials to deliver an upscale look. Fabric on the dashboard and door panels are attractive, with the door panels also enhanced by wood trim elements. Some two-tone colour combinations are available. Depending on whether the second row is a three seater bench of captain chairs, the CX-90 can seat six or seven.

New Vehicle, not rated. All power units are new

Dernière mise à jour : 27 juin 2023


  • Moteurs

    2.5L-4 PHEV (323 HP), 3.3L-6 T H (340 HP)
  • Boîte de vitesses

  • Train de roulement

    Traction avant
  • Carrosserie

    VUS intermédiaires




An all-new three-row crossover that will supplant the CX-9. Two powertrains, a turbo inline six with a mild hybrid system and a PHEV that combines with Mazda’s 2.5L four, are available. Deliveries should begin by the summer of 2023.

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$ 45 900 $
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MHEV GS-L avec paquet amélioré
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$ 63 300 $
Hybride rechargeable GS
$ 54 900 $
Hybride rechargeable GS-L
$ 59 950 $
Hybride rechargeable GT
$ 64 350 $
Intérieur en cuir premium en option

Disponible sur certains modèles.

$ 200 $
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$ 350 $
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$ 450 $
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