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2014 MINI Cooper S
APA tests the new geneneratlon MINI


2015 Nissan Micra SR
APA tests Nissan's new MIcra

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Importing a new car from the US?

Canadian Warranty information on US imports.

November, 2014: APA's 2014 Winter Tire Promotion & Reviews APA's Winter Tire Reviews are now online.


December 8, 2014: APA Roundup of New Car Holiday Promotions

Several automakers have introduced holiday promotions. See the deals

November 25, 2014. When must the car company fix your vehicle? - Globe & Mail

If the dealer knew before the warranty expired, you shouldn’t be on the hook. Full Article

November 18, 2014. Knowledge is power when financing a vehicle - Toronto Star

Buying a car can be a pain, but with more knowledge it doesn't have to be. Full Article

October 22, 2014: Edmonton woman wants ‘unsafe’ Hyundai replaced - CBC

An oil leak is now the subject of a continent-wide safety recall.
Full Article 

October 22, 2014: CBC Reports Remote Starter Recalls

Remote starters recalled as they could cause the vehicle to shut down suddenly.
More Info | Full Article 

October 18, 2014: Wiretaps allowed in gas price fixing lawsuit - CBC News

The Supreme Court of Canada has allowed wiretap recordings to be used in a gas price-fixing civil suit.
Full Article

October 2014: Preview of the 2015 Lemon Aid New Car Buyer's Guide

In this section, the APA reviews some of the vehicles that have undergone the most extensive changes for 2015.
Full Report

August 2014: Vehicle Recalls:

If you have information on how recent GM recalls are being processed by dealers, please fill in this form.

May 22, 2014: Leasing regaining appeal but Canadians prefer to own

Leasing tailed off after the recession began but it is coming back strongly.
Full Story

April 2014: CTV W5: APA's Investigation of Used Car Dealers in Toronto

Accompanied by an expert mechanic, APA mysetery shoppers embarked once again on a hair-raising quset for a used car in the GTA.
Read the full report | Visit CTV W5's Website

March 2013: CTV W5 - APA's Investigation of Used Car Dealers in Vancouver

APA mystery shoppers visited 18 used car dealers and two curbsiders in the Greater Vancouver area looking for a good used car.
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April 14, 2012:  APA Investigation of Used Car Dealers in the Toronto area

APA mystery shoppers and an expert mechanic visited 13 used car dealers and seven curbsiders in search of a good used car in the GTA.
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April 2011: Shops Unable to Pass the Latest APA Auto Repair Investigation

The APA visited 31 repair shops in Toronto and Calgary for the correction of a simple problem, with mixed results.
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