Dealer, Toyota kept Montreal widow on the hook for husband’s lease

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A driver’s advocacy group is urging senior citizens who are 75 years or older not to sign car leases after the widow of a 79-year-old Montreal man who entered a five-year contract with a local Toyota dealership was told she would be responsible for the vehicle.

“Leasing is usually just a bad idea for seniors once you’re past 75 years old and here’s why: at 80 you have a driving test [administered by the Société des Assurances Automobiles du Québec]. If you don’t make it, you’re stuck with a lease on a vehicle that basically you can’t use anymore,” said George Iny, president of the Automobile Protection Association.

Iny said the APA has heard about a dozen complaints from seniors who feel they have been wronged by the automobile retail industry in the last two years. Read the full story on the CBC website.

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