Trade-in Appraisal Service

APA members in Southern Ontario

You can benefit from a unique APA service to obtain a “second-opinion” value for your vehicle. The APA’s Appraisal Service will provide a trade-in value on your vehicle. Under APA’s agreement, the dealer will use the amount of the appraised value on the new car purchase agreement. The secondary appraisal won’t be the highest every time, but it’s the surest way we know to get an independent evaluation for your vehicle from someone prepared to pay for it with real money. That way, you can tell the APA’s recommended dealer for your new car that “I’ve received a higher offer for my vehicle from APA’s appraisal service.” The dealer will know they are in a competitive bidding situation and that they will have to make a good offer to earn your trade-in. Under the terms of the APA agreement, the trade ends up with the dealer that made the higher of the two offers. There is no back-and-forth negotiation, to prevent lowball opening values.

The service is offered no-charge with a valid APA membership. Members of the public pay $39, which is reimbursed for vehicles actually traded in.

Take the following steps to prepare your vehicle for its appraisal:

  • Bring the original bill of sale if you still have it, especially if the vehicle was purchased new. An original owner is a plus.
  • Bring your financing document or paperwork to show that the vehicle has been paid off.
  • Bring service records if they are complete.
  • Contact us to learn more about the APA appraisal process. To book an appointment, you can contact the APA dealer directly:

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