New Vehicle Buying Service

Assistance with new vehicle purchases in major regions of Montreal and Toronto

The APA can provide information regarding reliability, safety, availability and government rebates on electric vehicles.

The APA has a network of car dealers and brokers in Toronto and Montreal to help you buy your new vehicle. There is an APA referral fee payable at the time of delivery when a vehicle is purchased through the APA buying service:

Ontario: $99 + tax
Quebec: $87 + taxes


The APA has agreements for all mainstream vehicle manufacturers. There are, however, a few luxury makes that are not covered, such as Porsche and other high-luxury vehicles. If you are planning to buy a luxury car through the APA service, contact us by e-mail at to know if we have an agreement for the brand you have chosen.


Most makes are covered, but please contact us by e-mail at before joining to know if the brand you are considering is covered by the APA buying service.

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