APA Counsellor

As a member, you will have priority access to the services of an APA advisor through a member only phone line.

The APA concellors have expertise in the car industry. They will assess your needs and will be able to:

  • guide you in your search for new and used vehicles;
  • inform you about the laws and recourse available related to a dispute regarding the automotive sector, such as sales, repairs, or insurance;
  • refer you to expert witnesses to help you build your case.

The APA is a valuable resource that will help you save more than the cost of membership

As an APA member, you have access to templates for demand letters designed in collaboration with our lawyers, to help you prepare your claim.

Our counsellors can also, by appointment, guide you through the key steps in preparing a claim and informing you about the requirements of Small Claims Court.

We can also recommend a qualified lawyer and the first consultation is free of charge to APA members.

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