General FAQ

APA was founded in 1969.

The APA publishes an online version of the Lemon-Aid Car Reviews.

The ratings are determined by member feedback and consultations with industry experts in the fields of auto sales, repair and warranty.

Some repair shops are recommended by APA members and other repair shops. In some cases, repair shops were part of a mystery shop investigation. Recommended APA repair shops must adhere to a code of ethics and APA makes regular visits.

APA accepts no money for its recommendation of repair facilities, dealers, or vehicles. Also, in order to keep our independence, we currently accept no paid advertising from anyone. Finally, the APA conducts its own research and surveys in order to provide impartial information.

Although we provide advice on car related problems, we do not maintain an formal complaint database.

The APA does not share the personal information of its members with any other company and does not keep credit card information on file. Please note that this also means that members requesting additional quotes or services must provide payment information every time they require these additional services.

Price quotes are available instantly on the APA website with the APA membership. For vehicles not in the APA pricing database, internet submissions will be answered within the day or following business day.

The delivery date depends on supply and demand given the new car market today.

Membership FAQ

APA membership is valid for one year.

No, APA membership renewal is not automatic. APA members receive a renewal form in the mail asking them if they would like to continue their membership in the APA near the expiry of their membership.

You can renew your membership online, by mail or phone.

You will receive all of the APA membership benefits at a renewal price. With renewal, you are once again eligible for five new vehicle Invoice Reports.

Single Quote: New Car

1) Dealer Invoice Report on one specific year, make, model and trim level of vehicle
This will give you the invoice price of the vehicle, factory options and all available current incentives.
Cost: $25 + Taxes.

Dealer Invoice Report do not include referral contact information, the APA member price, and other APA membership services.

APA Membership:

  1. Five quotes on specific year, make, model and trim level of your vehicle.
    This will give you the invoice price of the vehicle, factory options you selected, pre-negotiated markup, admin fees and all available current incentives.
  2. Referral to an APA recommended dealer or broker who will sell, finance or lease the vehicle at the APA pre-negotiated price. These referrals save APA members time and aggravation in having to negotiate their own purchase agreement. Note: referral contact information is only given out over the phone. This service is available in Greater Toronto and Montreal.
    A $99 + Tax service fee (Toronto) and $87 plus taxes (Quebec) is charged to the member through the dealer or broker at time of purchase and is remitted to the APA.
  3. Trade in evaluation: find out the approximate wholesale value of your vehicle.
  4. Counselling: Experienced APA counsellors will answer your questions and help steer you in the right direction

The APA membership also provides other services, including recommended repair shops, a used vehicle buying service, complaint assistance, and auto insurance at group rates.

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