Nova Scotia urged to adopt all-in pricing on vehicle sales 

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A Halifax man annoyed about what he calls “hidden” car fees is calling on the Nova Scotia government to follow the lead of several other provinces and implement all-in pricing for vehicle purchases…

The Automobile Protection Association agrees. George Iny, a director with the non-profit consumer protection group, says a vehicle’s advertised price should include all fees.
He called the administration fee “completely bogus,” and said it covers a dealer’s overhead costs. Other fees, such as the tire and rim warranty that includes nitrogen in tires, are grossly over-priced, he said.

“A dealer will charge $299 and throw in a warranty with it that might be worth $50 or $60,” Iny said.

Iny said customers should be given the option of not accepting the tire and rim fee. But he said APA secret shoppers in other provinces have been told that’s not possible because nitrogen is already in the tires.

Another fee that crops up is for etching security information on a vehicle windshield. Iny said it’s little more than insurance the dealer buys to protect the vehicle when it’s on their lot. “If the vehicle is stolen from their own lot they get some money back from the company … They put little stickies on the windows and maybe a few other places of the vehicle,” he said. “They may pay $60 a car and you’ll pay anywhere from $200 or $300 for it…”

When contacted by CBC News, a Halifax Regional Police spokeswoman said security etching information is not recorded on police databases or used by police to track stolen vehicles.

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