Recommended Products and Services

Independent Vehicle Inspection

Having the vehicle inspected prior to the sale is the most effective way of making sure you won’t get stuck with a lemon or pay too much for a vehicle that needs a lot of maintenance. A complete vehicle inspection includes a visual inspection of the body and chassis to spot collision damage.


Due to the high salt environments of central and eastern Canada, the vehicle will experience mechanical and body deterioration due to corrosion. By the seventh or eighth year in service, this deterioration will usually result in increased maintenance and repair costs, or a reduced market value for the vehicle upon resale.

Window Etching (Quebec Only)

Aftermarket vehicle marking involves identifying parts on the vehicle. The Sherlock application involves more than 50 marked parts, including window glass, lights and alloy wheels that are sandblasted. Sherlock also identifies by engraving under hood mechanical components, bumpers and interior parts to make them less attractive to steal for resale.

Group Car and Home Insurance Plans

APA members with relatively clean driving records are eligible for auto and home group insurance with AVIVA – traders general insurance company through sound insurance services.

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