Midsize Cars

With solid performance, abundant space and good refinement, cars in this segment were once very popular, but sales have steadily deflated over the past decade to the point that sales of some vehicles seem barely sustainable. Some buyers have downsized to some of the larger compact cars available, others have migrated to luxury brands that generate a similar lease payment, but most have traded in their midsize car for a compact crossover. The are no new cars in this segment this year, with two perennial segment stalwarts, the Mazda 6 and the Volkswagen Passat, have left the scene. Most cars in this segment were once available with V6 engines, but high-performance fans will have to be content with turbo fours in all major players except for the Toyota Camry. The turbo fours are easier to package and yield lower fuel consumption figures in the U.S. Government fuel consumption tests, but the benefits seldom translate into better fuel economy for owners and the loss of the silken sound profile of a V6 is very sad, especially as fuel economy is unaffected.

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