Audi A4 2023

The main engine engine for the A4 is a 2L turbo four with a strap-on mild hybrid system, rated at 261 horsepower and bearing a “45” suffix in Audi’s nonsensical numbering system. Unlike the A3, the MHEV employs a conventional 12 volt electrical system instead of the radical and unproven 48 volt system. A turbo V6, marketed as the S4, with no “number” designation, is available. Power reaches the wheels via a seven-speed dual clutch automated manual with the fours, with a conventional eight-speed automatic hooked up to the V6.

Though quite elegant still, the current A4 looked stale when introduced seven years ago and is in need of replacement. Big, clear gauges are separated by a large info screen with impressively crisp graphics. The gauges are grouped together in a housing, with infotainment functions handled by an aftermarket-looking screen that grows out of the middle of the dash. The very horizontally-arrayed dashboard has a very BMW design ethos.

Cabin materials are attractive. Rear legroom now is such that the A4 can be considered suitable transport for four adults. Equipped with the “45” 2L turbo four with 261 horsepower, the A4 accelerates briskly and is both smooth and flexible. The “45’s” 2L turbo’s power is ably handled by a creamy smooth and responsive dual clutch automated manual transmission. Handling is very sound and the ride is compliant. Wind and road noise are nicely suppressed. The A4’s steering is not the last word in feedback but is nicely geared, precise, and confidently holds its line on the highway. Strong brakes.

WIth L.E.D. headlamps, leather seating, a sunroof, heated front seats, heated wheel and a memory system, the base Komfort trim is nicely equipped. Moving up to the Progressiv trim, which adds alloy cabin trim, multi-colour ambient lighting, navigation and garage door open buttons, is reasonable value.  Adaptive cruise control is still an option on the Progressiv. The range-topping Technik model includes headlight washers, power-fold door mirrors. a 360 degree camera system, a rear seat USB port, road sign recognition, adaptive cruise control and and Bang & Olufson sound system, and is reasonable value. Offered only in the Technik trims the V6 turbo, marketed as the S4, is priced from $10,050 more than an A4 Technik, but includes about $2700 in additional features, including Nappa leather, reducing the true cost for the engine alone to about $7500. The Allroad station wagon is priced from $3900 (Komfort) to $4400 (Progressiv et Technik) more that an A4 sedan of the same trim. While overpriced for what you are getting, the Allroad is versatile and sells well. With only 1500 units sold last year, the A4 seems to be fading and is no doubt hurt by its showroom mate, the five-door hatchback version of the A5.

Not rated, insufficient data. Predicted reliability is average at best for the first four years, declining after that. The new hybrid system is unproven.  Turbo wastegate failures have become quite common and repairs are very expensive. The warranty ends at 80,000 km, with no further coverage on the powertrain. Carbon deposits on valves is common; cleaning them is a laborious and expensive process. Some owners have reported the timing chain on the 2L four has jumped a tooth on the sprockets. High service costs. The Audi service plan, which offers regularly-scheduled  service (first service at 8000 km is complimentary) for four years or 70,000 kilometres is highly recommended.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2L-4 T ("45" MHEV 261 HP*), 3L-V6 T (S4 349 HP)
  • Transmissions

    7A (A4), 8A (S4)
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 9.7L/100 km. Road: 7.4L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Luxury Small Cars
  • Country of Origin




What’s new this year?

The lower-powered “40” model has been discontinued. Wireless cellphone interface and charging, a heated steering wheel and a memory system are now standard on the base Komfort trim.

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