Jeep Wrangler 2023

Two different soft tops are available. One is a conventional convertible top that fits quite tightly. Owners of previous convertible Jeeps frustrated by the zippers needed to remove the clear panels adjacent to the cargo area will be pleased that the zippers have been replaced by solid glazed panels that slip into channels built into the body. In addition to the conventional soft top, Jeep also offers what they call the Sky One-Touch roof, which features fixed roof rails and a retractable canvas roof like the “transformable” top on the discontinued Fiat 500 cabrio. Both body styles are equipped with what Jeeps calls a Sport Bar, essentially a stout hoop that extends from the floor, through the A-pillar, over the passengers and then returning to the floor in the mid-point of the cargo area. As a result of this, the fold down windshield, a traditional Wrangler feature, is now merely a weather shield rather than a structural element. The windshield is said to be much easier to fold than on previous Wranglers. Following Wrangler tradition, doors are removable and a wide variety of door configurations are available.
The cabin of the current Wrangler looks more professionally designed than before; with its gauges and minor controls looking less rustic than previously. Rear seat legroom and access are still compromised on the short wheelbase Jeeps. The four-door, sold as the Unlimited, offers good rear legroom but access to both rows of seats is hampered by the high step-in height of the vehicle as well as very small door apertures. The driving position of the Wrangler is very much like that of a car from the early 1930s.
FCA’s ubiquitous 3.6L V6 is the base engine for the Wrangler. An eTorque, mild hybrid version of the V6 is optional, as is a 2L gasoline turbo four. A plug-in hybrid, called the 4xe, was introduced during the 2021 model year. It employs the Fiat-derived 2L turbo four as well as electric motors to deliver 375 total system horsepower. The 4xe’s 17 kWh battery pack can take the car 35 kilometres in pure-electric mode. A six-speed manual transmission is available but most buyers will opt for the available eight-speed automatic.
The Wrangler retains its traditional live axle suspension front and rear.
Driven with a 3.6L V6 sending power to the wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission, the JL accelerates with some authority but the powertrain is noisy, which sums up the whole vehicle. Noise from the wind, road and suspension are all excessive. The JL’s tremendous off-road capabilities easily dismissed a challenging off-road course experienced during the drive, but its on-road ride, handling and steering reflect the focussed off-road nature of the vehicle. Given the way it drives when performing day-to-day duties, it is surprising that this vehicle has proved to be such a popular choice as everyday transport for typical families. The similar-looking but different-under-the-skin Jeep Gladiator is a more refined vehicle and demonstrates better ride and handling characteristics than a Wrangler Unlimited.

Vast array of trims, some of which overlap one another needlessly. The Sport S Unlimited (four-door) is priced $3350 higher than the equivalent two door, with the price gap being $2400 between the Rubicon and Rubicon Unlimited. Compared with a Sport Unlimited, the Sahara Unlimited. which adds an Alpine-branded audio system, a hard top, deep-tint glass, a rear window defroster and wiper-washer, an auto-dim rearview mirror, navigation, an alarm system, dual-zone auto climate control and a plethora of minor comfort and convenience items, is a bargain and will suit the needs of the majority of buyers. The Altitude and High Altitiude packages on the Sahara trim offer little for the money asked. The Rubicon offers exceptional off-road capabilities by simply ticking a single box on the order form. The 3.6L-V6, which is standard on the Sport and Rubicon trims is a $200 option on the Sahara. The 2L gas turbo is standard on the Sahara trim but generates a $200 credit on the Sport and Rubicon models. The 3.6L-V6 mild hybrid costs $200 on the Sport and Rubicon and is priced $400 higher on the Sahara. The 4xe PHEV costs $4200 more than a Rubicon Unlimited powered by the 2L turbo gas four and $4900 on the Sahara. The dual-top option is priced $2695 on the Unlimited versions of the Sport and Rubicon and $1695 on the Sahara Unlimited, which has the hard top as standard equipment. Offered on the Unlimited Sahara and Rubicon, the Sky One -Touch roof, is, at $4295, is expensive. The Safety group, at $995, includes blind spot and rear cross traffic and rear parking sonar.

The Advanced Safety group includes a forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking and active cruise control with stop and go, is available for $1450. The 4xe can generate a $5000 rebate from Quebec and $2500 from the federal government. The Rubicon 392, powered by a 6,4 L-V8 with 470 horsepower, is priced nearly $50,000 more than a 285 horsepower Rubicon V6 eTorque.

Not rated. Newish model with insufficient data available. Newly launched FCA products generally develop some initial teething problems. The base 3.6L-V6 appears reliable. Though very expensive, purchasing an FCA extended warranty is recommended if you plan to keep your Wrangler past the three year/60,000 km basic warranty.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2L-4 T (270 HP), 2L-4 T PHEV (375 HP), 3.6L-V6 (285 HP)*, 3.6L-V6 H (285 HP) 
  • Transmissions

    6M, 8A*
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 12.9L/100 km Road: 10.2L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    All Terrain Compact SUV & Crossover



What’s new this year?

No changes of note other than the deletion of the V6 TDI engine.

Starting from 

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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