Mercedes-Benz GLA 2023

The GLA is based on the front-wheel drive-biased junior Mercedes platform that also underpins the CLA and GLB. The new three-row GLB should have heralded the demise of the GLA but the model was surprisingly renewed.
The cabin is essentially the same as other cars based on this platform, including a vast but shallow computer tablet that places car-reporting functions in front of the driver and infotainment functions over the centre of the dash. The MBUX audio concierge responds to “Hey Mercedes” prompts. With massive circular air vents, the dash looks either dramatic or vulgar, depending on your taste. Good legroom up front but rear seat legroom is limited. The rear seat can move forward and back to maximize rear seat legroom or cargo space.

Except for the high-end AMG variants, the GLA is offered with one engine and a single trim, to which a number of packages and single options can be added. Standard equipment includes a power driver’s seat, L.E.D. headlights, rain-sense wipers and a dual-panel sunroof. The Premium Package, with blind spot monitors, a 10.25 inch TFT gauge package, power-fold door mirrors, auto-dim rearview mirror and driver’s door mirror, wireless cellphone charging, multi-colour ambient lighting, a vehicle exit warning a power passenger seat and a memory system, but is overpriced. If you like the look, the Sport package is reasonably priced. The Night and Technology packagers are overpriced. Single option like navigation and the head-up display system are price beyond their value but the power passenger seat and genuine wood trim options are quite reasonable. The Advanced Driver Assistance package is reasonable value. Most metallic paint colours will set you back $975, but Patagonia red is priced at $2275 and Mountain Grey Magno costing a staggering $4225. Leather seating costs $2105. The AMG35 costs $8900 more than the GLA 250, with the AMG with the AMG 45 priced an additional $10,000. Most GLA buyers opt for the mainstream GLA 250, with about 10 percent picking the hyper-performance AMG models. Dealers note that the Advanced Driving Assistance package will be scarce in 2023 due to component shortages that also extend to the Burmeister sound system. About 60 percent of GLA intenders finance, 15 percent pay cash with about 25 percent leasing. At the beginning of 2023, delivery times were thought to be about six months.

Below average reliability during the warranty period, declining afterward, Leasing for no longer than the four year/80,000 kilometer warranty is recommended. Opting for an optional scheduled service plan is also recommended. For cash or finance buyers, the service plan that offers three scheduled services over 45 months is priced at $1300. Four services over a 48 month period costs $1999. If leasing, three services over a 36 month period adds $25 month to your lease payment, three services over a 45 month period cost $22 per month and opting for four services over a 45 month period costs $33 per your monthly lease payment. If you are financing of paying cash for an AMG variant, three services over a 36 month term cost $2500 with four services over 48 months adding $3599 to the tariff. If leasing, three services over a 36 month term will add $36 per month to your lease with $59 per month for four services over a 45 month term. About 90 percent of buyers pick the standard engine with only 10 percent opting for the AMG variants. The Advanced Driving Assistance system will be in short supply this year. Roughly 60 percent of buyers finance, 15 percent pay cash with 25 percent leasing. In early 2023, delivery times were predicted to be about six months.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2L-4 T (221 HP*, AMG 35 302 HP estimated)
  • Transmissions

    7A dual clutch* 
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 10.3L/100 km Road: 7.3L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Luxury Micro SUVs & Crossovers



What’s new this year?

No changes of note for 2023.

Starting from 

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