Toyota Highlander 2023

A new 2.4L turbo four, with 265 horsepower, replaces the silky, 295 horsepower V6 on the conventional model but does produce a stout 309 lb.ft. of torque. Towing capacity is a robust 2268 kilograms. Official EnerCan mileage figures are little changed from the serene V6 it replaces. Power flows to all wheels via a conventional eight-speed automatic transmission. Experienced in a Lexus RX350, the new turbo four is quick and, except when extended when it sounds enthusiastic, quite refined.
Abundant soft-touch surfaces, even on the tops of the rear doors, are present, and all surfaces appear quite luxurious. A massive 12.3 inch touch screen is featured on top models and controls look quite logical. Legroom in the first two rows of seats is very good and third-row space looks reasonable for this class. Cargo room with the third seat arrayed to accept passengers is fairly typical for this segment.
The hybrid twins a 2.5L four, which, in unison with its electric motors, puts out 243 horsepower. The hybrid sends power to the front wheels via a CVT; with the rear wheels being driven electrically.

2.4T: with alloy wheels, keyless start, power driver’s seat and L.E.D. headlights, the base LE is well equipped. The XLE upgrade adds fog lights, a sunroof, an alarm system, an auto-dim rearview mirror, a garage door opener, a power tailgate and a power passenger seat, and is a bargain. The Limited trim upgrade includes a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system, a JBL audio system, leather seating, a dual-panel sunroof, wireless cellphone charging, and ventilated front seats, and is good value. The XSE variant of the XLE offers “sporty” front and rear fascias, “smoked” lighting and middle-row captain seats replacing the three-seat bench and a more sophisticated all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring, is good value. Compared with the XLE, the Limited adds the torque-vectoriing drive system, a panoramic sunroof, power-fold mirrors, ventilated front seats, leather seating and a number of minor features, is reasonable value. The price of the Platinum model, which adds second-row heated seats, a 360º camera system and a head-up display system, reflects the value of the equipment but the price difference between it and the Limited is so small that one of them could be easily eliminated.

Hybrid power will set you back $2500 more than a conventional Highlander bearing the same trim designation. The LE, with a power tailgate, L.E.D. headlights, fog lights, a power driver’s seat, haeted front seat, three-zone climate control, blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors, is well equipped. The XLE features a power sunroof, a power passenger seat, heated steering wheel and wireless cellphone charging, at a fair price. The XLE Bronze Edition offers little of value and is signifcantly overpriced, but so few will be available that value is a moot point. Compared with the XLE, the Limited, with a JBL-branded audio system, ventilated front seats, a dual-panel sunroof and leather seating, is priced to reflect the value of its additional features. The Platinum range-topper offers a 360º degree camera system, a head-up display system, second-row heated seats and a number of other comfort and convenience features, is reasonably priced but the small price and equipment differences between it and the Limited make having both trims unnecessary.

Predicted above average reliability, especially the hybrid, which uses proven technology. Unproven new 2.4L turbo four.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2.4L-4 T (265 HP)*, 2.5L-4 H (243 HP combined)
  • Transmissions

    8A, CVT* 
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 11L/100 km Road: 8.4L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Midsize SUVs



What’s new this year?

All: A revised infotainment interface called Toyota Multimedia is new for 2023. Conventional model: The previous V6 has been replaced by a 2.4 L turbo four. A long-wheelbase Grand Highlander will go on sale sometime during 2023.

Starting from  $ 45 650

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - October 1, 2023
Base vehicle
$ 0 $ 45 650
$ 0 $ 48 350
$ 0 $ 50 650
$ 0 $ 53 890
$ 0 $ 55 550
Hybrid LE
$ 0 $ 48 150
Hybrid XLE
$ 0 $ 50 850
Hybrid Bronze Edition
$ 0 $ 54 640
Hybrid Limited
$ 0 $ 56 390
Hybrid Platinum
$ 0 $ 58 050
Option Paint

Available on select trims.

$ 0 $ 255
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 1 890
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 100

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