Toyota RAV4 2023

While quieter than when introduced for 2019, the RAV4’s 2.5L four is still not paragon of refinement but not that much noisier than most competitors. The engine is quick, flexible, very economical and generates a thoroughbred soundtrack at high revs.

When introduced, the RAV4’s eight-speed-speed automatic transmission was criticized for some indecision and rough shifts during low-speed operation. The transmission now works very well.

Despite our tester being the off-road-oriented Trail TRD Off-Road trim, its ride is compliant with no road shocks reaching the occupants. The off-road-specific Falken tires on our tester gripped well enough on paved surfaces and acted with the RAV’s suspension to deliver predictable handling and a feeling of control to the driver.

The RAV’s steering is nicely weighted, precise and even serves up a scintilla of road feel.
With a firm pedal and no lost motion, braking is reassuring.

Other than an engine that intrudes somewhat on brisk acceleration from a stop, the RAV4, with reasonably-suppressed road noise and little wind noise, is an acceptably refined vehicle for its class.

The powerful air-conditioning of the RAV4 keeps occupants cool in the most torrid summer conditions. The high-end Trail TRD Off-Road trim gives the driver the ability to direct, or restrict air flow to the rear compartment at the push of a button, allowing stronger airflow to the front compartment if the rear seat is vacant.

The JBL-branded audio system is quite sonorous and drivers can totally turn off the infotainment screen to better enjoy a drive-in movie. Cellphone hookup is easy and the voice command works well.

Like most current Toyotas, the RAV4 is built on Toyota’s TNGA architecture. The sole engine offered in the conventional RAV4 is a normally-aspirated 2.5L four. Power finds its way to the wheels via a hydraulic eight-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid variant combines the efforts of the 2.5L four and the electric motor; sending power to the front wheels via a CVT. On all-wheel drive hybrids, the rear wheels are driven electrically. A PHEV, called the Prime, was announced but sold out almost the moment it was announced, making it just an academic construct rather than a real car. All-wheel drive models feature Multi-Terrain settings; with programming for snow, mud, sand and rocks.

All RAVs are all-wheel drive this year. With blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors and heated front seats, the base LE is reasonably equipped. The XLE adds alloy wheels, a sunroof, a power driver’s seat, a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, a power tailgate, a cargo area tonneau cover and a number of minor features and is very good value. The XLE Premium includes an alarm system, various cargo nets, some upgraded trim and a memory system but is significantly overpriced. Compared with the XLE, the Trail adds a power passenger seat, ventilated front seats, a 360 degree camera system, rear parking sonar, rear auto braking and an alarm system, and an increase in towing capacity to 1587 kg (3500 lb), and is reasonable value. Compared with the Trail, the Limited upgrade includes a 360 degree camera, rear parking sonar and auto stop, a power passenger seat, heated rear seat, ventilated front seats, garage-door openers, a JBL stereo but not the increased tow capacity of the Trail, rendering the price bump overpriced. Hybrid: the rear wheels are driven electrically. On the Luxury (L) trims, the base LE, with alloy wheels and heated seats, is reasonably well equipped. Upgrading to the XLE adds touch-activated locking, a sunroof, power tailgate, heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel and a JBL-branded audio system at a reasonable price. The new XLE Woodland variant includes bigger wheels, TRD suspension tuning, fog lights, roof rails and cross bars, a cargo mat and a tailgate area 120V powerpoint but lacks value for the price bump. The XLE Premium package adds the bigger wheels and fog lights, lacks the upgraded suspension and roof rails but includes a memory system, cargo nets and an alarm system but is overpriced. Comparing the Limited to the base XLE adds an alarm system, wireless cellphone charging, rear parking sonar and rear auto stop, a 360 degree camera system, a garage door opener, power passenger seat, ventilated front and hear rear seats, fog lights, bigger wheels and a JBL-branded audio system but is significantly overpriced. Compared with the XLE, the base SE adds an appearance kit, bigger wheels and a leather-clad shift knob and costs too much for the additional equipment. The XSE trim includes a JBL-branded audio system, a black-painted roof, alarm system, garage door opener and an alarm system but is priced past the value of the content. The XSE Tech package includes a memory system, foot gesture tailgate operation, a 360 degree camera system, rear parking sonar and reverse braking and wireless cellphone charging and is overpriced. The hybrid models are priced from $1640 to $2240 higher than a conventional variant of the same trim level but with delivery times of two years quoted, is in reality, no longer available. The Prime, with delivery dates in years, rather than months, is essentially a broken promise and not really available. If you find one, The Prime is priced $10,040 (SE), $12,100 (XSE) and $14,930 (XSE Tech) more than a conventional hybrid of the same trim. Rebates of $5000 from Quebec and the same from the federal government for the SE and XSE models.

Above average reliability predicted. The previous RAV4 was very reliable. Both versions of the RAV4 should exhibit above average durability.

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2.5L‑4 (203 HP), 2.5L-4 H (219 HP combined)
  • Transmissions

    8A, CVT
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 9.5L/100 km Road: 7.2L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Midsize SUVs



What’s new this year?

RAV4: Front-wheel drive is no longer offered, making the RAV4 exclusively AWD for 2023. All: A wireless version of the iOS-Android cellphone interface is now standard as is Toyota Safety Sense 2.5, which replaces the 2,0 version. Information screens are larger for 2023. Hybrid: New Premium and Woodland packages offered on the XLE trim.

Starting from  $ 32 590

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - October 2, 2023
Base vehicle
$ 0 $ 32 590
$ 0 $ 36 350
XLE Premium
$ 0 $ 38 388
$ 0 $ 40 050
$ 0 $ 44 250
Hybrid LE
$ 0 $ 34 850
Hybrid XLE
$ 0 $ 37 988
Hybrid XLE Premium
$ 0 $ 40 030
Hybrid XLE Woodland
$ 0 $ 40 179
Hybrid SE
$ 0 $ 39 790
Hybrid XSE
$ 0 $ 42 690
Hybrid XSE Technology
$ 0 $ 45 250
Hybrid Limited
$ 0 $ 45 850
Prime SE
$ 0 $ 49 950
Prime XSE
$ 0 $ 54 789
Prime XSE Technology
$ 0 $ 60 178
Optional Paint

Available on select trims.

$ 0 $ 255
Optional Two-Tone Paint

For Trail Models Only

$ 0 $ 540
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 1 890
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 100

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