Lexus NX 2024

Our 2024 review is in-progress. Here is our review of the 2023 model, which should be carried over for 2024.

The NX will is offered with a vast array of powertrains. Of the conventional-engined models, the base NX, the NX250, is powered by a normally-aspirated 2.5L four found under the hoods of a wide variety of larger Toyotas. Next up is the NX350 with a new 2.4L turbo four, rated at 275 horsepower, under the hood. Power reaches all wheels via a conventional eight-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid models begin with the 239 horsepower 2.5L NX350H. The NX450H PHEV variant, essentially using the RAV4 Prime components, offers 58 kilometres of pure electric range along with supercar performance. The Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, is standard. It includes risk avoidance emergency steer assist, left turn oncoming vehicle detection braking, right and left oncoming pedestrian detection and braking as well as road sign recognition and a safe-exit assist system.rnrnThe previous NX was derived from the (then current) Toyota RAV4 and this new one is as well. Lexus has not released dimension data but the new NX is roughly the same size as the current RAV4 that debuted for 2019. The front end is dominated by the Lexus u0022Spindleu0022 grille, which is flanked by thin-line headlamps, below which are the front fascia gashes that seem to be a compulsory styling accent in our time. The side profile of the new NX is still a bit busy but is smoother and more elegant than that of its showroom mate, the RX350. Inside, the driver faces a configurable display with one primary gauge that has crisp graphics. The top-centre of the dash is occupied by an infotainment screen, 9.8 inches in some modes, with a massive 14 inch screen on premium trims. Screen graphics for the navigation function are too faint to be of much use. The dreaded Lexus track-pad-style infotainment controls has been banished, which is a good thing, but some climate controls are now touchscreen operated, which requires too much concentration to use while driving. The rest of the cabin looks visually calm and luxurious, including the cargo bay.rnrn

With alloy wheels, fog lights, heated front seats and steering wheel. blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors, garage door activator and dual zone air conditioning, the base NX 250, powered by the same base engine as the Toyota RAV4 and Camry, is nicely equipped. Moving up to from the normally-aspirated 2.5 L NX250 to the NX350 base model, the Ultra Premium, powered by a 2.4 L-4 turbo, is reasonably priced when you consider its larger engine. The Luxury package upgrade adds only a panoramic sunroof. Migrating to the Ultra Luxury adds genuine wood cabin trim, a 360 degree camera and a digital rear view mirror, but it is significantly overpriced. Migrating to the Executive model adds leather seating, a Mark Levinson sound system. power second-row seat folding and a head-up display system and is reasonably priced. Equipment variances between the L (uxury) and Sport trim ranges makes a direct comparison between the two style lines impossible. The F Sport 1, with adaptive suspension, heated and ventilated front seats, sunroof, power tailgate and a head up display system, is nicely equipped. The F Sport 2 trim adds a dual panel sunroof, a larger dash infoscreen, wireless cellphone charging and multi-colour ambient lighting and is reasonable priced. The F Sport 3 includes a Mark Levinson sound system, power-fold and heated rear seat and a 360 degree camera system, but is overpriced. Given its power and refinement deficit, comparisons between the NX 350 and the NX 350h are not really possible. With heated front seats and steering wheel, blind spot and rear cross traffic monitors, dual-zone climate controls and visor-based garage door opener, the base RX 350h, the Signature, is nicely equipped. The Premium trim upgrade, with a sunroof, power tailgate, power-adjustable steering wheel and ventilated front seats, is very good value. The Ultra Premium upgrade includes wireless cellphone charging, a massive info screen and lane-change assist, but is vastly overpriced. The Luxury package offers a sunroof only. The Ultra Luxury trim adds a foot-gesture power tailgate, a 360 degree camera system and genuine wood trim, but is grotesquely expensive for what you are getting for the money. The Executive range topper includes leather seating, heated rear seats, power-fold rear seats, a head up display system and a Mark Levinson audio system, for a reasonable price. Though Lexus catalogues an NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid, but with a two-year delivery time, the car is essentially a unicorn and Lexus should just admit they won’t build one for you. Of the mythical models, the base Ultra Premium trim is very comprehensively equipped. Migrating from the base trim to the Executive model is so overpriced as to be unbelievable. Compared with the Premium trim, the S Sport 3 model is as outrageously overpriced as the Executive trim. Though the NX 450h is a myth, if one were registered, a $5000 subsidy is available from Quebec, with the federal government kicking in the same amount.rn

Above average reliability is predicted for both the conventional and hybrid models.rn

Last update: June 27, 2023


  • Engine

    2.5L-4 (NX250: 203 HP),. 2.4L-4 T (NX350: 275 HP),* 2.5L-4 H (NX350H: 239 HP), 2.5L-4 PHEV (NX450H: 302 HP)
  • Transmissions

    8A (gasoline), CVT (Hybrids)
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 10.5L/100 km Road: 8.3L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Compact SUV & Crossover Luxury



Starting from  $ 48 900

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - September 30, 2023
Base vehicle
NX 250 Signature
$ 0 $ 48 900
NX 350 Premium
$ 0 $ 52 548
NX 350 Ultra Premium
$ 0 $ 56 700
NX 350 Luxury
$ 0 $ 57 250
NX 350 Ultra Luxury
$ 0 $ 61 200
NX 350 Executive
$ 0 $ 66 200
NX 350 F SPORT Series 1
$ 0 $ 57 400
NX 350 F SPORT Series 2
$ 0 $ 60 300
NX 350 F SPORT Series 3
$ 0 $ 66 400
NX 350h Signature
$ 0 $ 51 400
NX 350h Premium
$ 0 $ 53 550
NX 350h Ultra Premium
$ 0 $ 57 700
NX 350h Luxury
$ 0 $ 58 250
NX 350h Ultra Luxury
$ 0 $ 62 200
NX 350h Executive
$ 0 $ 66 950
NX 450h+ Ultra Premium
$ 0 $ 59 900
NX 450h+ Executive
$ 0 $ 76 450
NX 450h+ F SPORT 3
$ 0 $ 76 600
Optional Paint

Available on select trims.

$ 0 $ 500
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 2 145
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases.

$ 0 $ 100

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