Lexus RX 2024

Our 2024 review is coming soon. Below is our review of the 2023 model year, which is largely unchanged for 2024.

While its overall length and width are roughly the same, the wheelbase of the new RX has been increased from 2790 mm to 2850 mm (2.4 inches) and rests on the Lexus GA-K platform. The silky, normally-aspirated Toyota-Lexus 3.5L, has passed into history for the RX lineup. The base car, the RX 350, is powered by a 275 horsepower 2.4L turbo four. The base hybrid, the RX 350h, combines a normally-aspirated 2.5L four and electric motors to produce 246 total system horsepower. The top model, driven by the APA at AJAC, is the RX 500h, with a 2.4L turbo four hybrid and a nickel-metal hydride battery pack that produced 367 total system horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. While many drivers will miss the previous V6, the new 2.4L turbo four is surprisingly smooth and sounds enthusiastic but not intrusive when extended. Power is abundant and the RX 500h is fast. Unlike the RX 350h hybrid that employs a CVT, the RX 500h uses a six-speed automatic transmission. Secure handling combines with a delightfully compliant ride to make the RX 500h a great place to spend time in. Road noise is effectively suppressed but wind noise was higher than expected in the pre-production model driven. What look like conventional exterior door handles are no longer mechanical door pulls, but fixed units that contain touch-sensitive electric releases. The doors release slowly and users get the impression that they are sticking. Once inside, the cabin is impressively luxurious with an attractive mix of premium materials. Drivers face a digital gauge package that is easy enough to scan but its graphics look downmarket in a vehicle this expensive. Graphics on the infotainment screen, especially the navigation display, are so faint and lacking in contrast as to border on the unusable. Seating is very comfortable front and rear, and rear seat legroom is expansive. Cargo space is good and the 40/20/40 split rear seat adds versatility.

Lexus once again splits the RX model range into luxury and sport ranges. The base RX 350 Premium, (with the 2.4 L turbo four), with a sunroof, heated front seats and steering wheel, ventilated front seats, a memory system, 3-zone climate control and a power tailgate, is very nicely equipped. Migrating up the the Luxury trim includes leather seating, multi-colour ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, wireless cell phone charging and heated and ventilated rear seats, but is significantly overpriced. The Ultra Luxury trim adds a head-up display system, a 360 degree camera system, adaptive headlights, brake hold, front cross traffic and lane-change assist, but is overpriced. The top trim, the Executive, includes Semi-Aniline processed leather, power-fold rear seat, a Mark Levinson-branded audio system among other features, but is a bit expensive. Compared with the base Premium, the F Sport 1 has u0022sport-themedu0022 fascias, alloy pedals, genuine alloy cabin trim and a head-up display system and is acceptably good value if you like the look. The F Sport 2 includes leather seating, wireless cellphone charging, ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, among other things, but is overpriced. The F Sport 3 throws in a Mark Levinson-brand sound system, a 360 degree camera system and a lane-change system as well as a few minor items, at a price much higher than the value of the content. The RX 350h hybrid is only offered in the luxury trims, which cost $1500 more than the 2.4 L turbo of the same trim. Compared with the normal turbo RX 350, the turbo and hybrid RX 500h is priced $11,500 higher than the conventional turbo of the same trim level. As an all-new model, there is no data on what will be the most popular models but Internal, revolving parts shortages within Lexus in late 2022 meant that those seeking high-end features like a panoramic sunroof or a Mark Levinson sound system may have a very long wait for their cars.

Above average reliability is predicted for both the conventional and hybrid models. Unlike European-branded competitors, the RX can be bought for the long term rather than just leased for four years.

Last update: September 30, 2023


  • Engine

    2.4L-4T (275 HP)*, 2.4L-4T H (367 HP), 2..5L-4 H (246 HP)
  • Transmissions

    8A (RX350)*, CVT (RX 450h)
  • Fuel consumption

    City: 12.2L/100 km Road: 9.0L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    All-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Luxury Midsize SUVs
  • Country of Origin

    Canada (RX350), Japan (RX450 h)


Hybrid Components

Starting from  $ 59 450

What dealers pay$ 22 222

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Report - December 8, 2023
Base vehicle
RX 350 Premium
$ 0 $ 59 450
RX 350 Luxury
$ 0 $ 66 950
RX 350 Ultra Luxury
$ 0 $ 70 450
RX 350 Executive
$ 0 $ 74 950
RX 350 F SPORT 1
$ 0 $ 63 250
RX 350 F SPORT 2
$ 0 $ 69 450
RX 350 F SPORT 3
$ 0 $ 74 950
RX 350h Premium
$ 0 $ 61 450
RX 350h Luxury
$ 0 $ 68 950
RX 350h Ultra Luxury
$ 0 $ 72 450
RX 350h Executive
$ 0 $ 76 950
RX 450h+ Executive
$ 0 $ 86 950
RX 500h F SPORT Performance 2
$ 0 $ 81 100
RX 500h F SPORT Performance 3
$ 0 $ 81 680
Freight & PDI

Required for all vehicle purchases

$ 0 $ 2 145
Federal Air Conditioner Excise Tax (Recovery)

Required for all vehicle purchases

$ 0 $ 100

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