Mitsubishi Outlander 2024

Our 2024 review is coming soon. Below is our review of the 2023 model year, which should be largely unchanged for 2024.

Comparing the dimensions of the out-going Mitsubishi-designed Outlander with the new Nissan-based one, the wheelbase of the car is 64 mm (2.5 inch) less and its overall length is 43 mm (1.7 inches) shorter.

With totally different styling, Mitsubishi has certainly cut any visual link between the new Outlander and the Nissan Rogue it is based on. The Outlander is fronted by a distinctive combination of elements that will be mistaken for no other vehicle. Trends in automotive lighting are migrating to disparate elements, rather than a sleek, integrated look. Three elements, small winglets that branch off from the grille extremities are at the top, large rectangular units are placed on the vertical surface of the front fascia, with just a bit more fascia showing until narrow, but long lit elements are reached. The main grille bears a Venetian blind like surface that slants back to meet the front of the hood. It is underscored by a black rectangular air intake which transitions into painted fascia, which is underlined by an additional rectangular air intake that pierces the lower fascia. Mitsubishi’s newest styling cue, chromed C shapes, start at the upper lighting winglet and flow into the lower horizontal lighting unit, are present on the new Outlander. Except for two (mostly) parallel lines impressed into its flanks, the sides of new Outlander are quite clean and combine with the unique third window shape to create a very long, sleek look. Like the Rogue, the cabin of the new Outlander looks upscale and is fashioned from attractive materials. Drivers of premium models will face a configurable TFT gauge package, to the right of which rests a free-standing infotainment screen that employs both a touchscreen and physical buttons. The logical climate controls rest below the screen in the main dashboard that displays a strong horizontal emphasis. Gear selection is via by a joystick like device with no physical connection to the transmission. The Soft-touch surfaces and matte finishes lend an upscale air to the cabin on the new Outlander. The seats look substantial, and like the Rogue, there is abundant legroom for occupants in the first two rows. Unlike Nissan, Mitsubishi deliver all new Outlanders with a third-row seat, but, with the same wheelbase as the two-row Rogue, third-row rear legroom is very tight. Cargo space is ample with the second and third-row seats folded.

Power will stem from a normally-aspirated 2.5L-4 that puts out 181 horsepower in both the Nissan and the Mitsubishi. The 2.5L will hook up to a CVT, with all-wheel drive standard.

Unlike the conventional Outlander which uses Nissan mechanical components, the PHEV variant uses proprietary Mitsubishi power units. The 20 kWh, lithium-ion battery pack can propel the PHEV in full electric mode for 61 kms, a 40 percent greater distance than previously. The Mitsubishi 2.4L four and the battery pack produce 248 total system horsepower and 332 lb.ft. of torque. All-wheel drive is provided by a dual-motor setup, with a 114 horsepower motor at the front and a 134 horsepower motor at the rear. There are three drive modes for the PHEV. EV mode is exclusively electrical using the drive battery. The Series Hybrid Mode employs the gas engine to generate extra power for the drive battery to let the vehicle to be driven exclusively by electric motors. The Parallel Hybrid Mode harnesses the gas engine to drive the front wheels helped by the electric motors. Left to its own devices, the system will shift between the three modes for optimum efficiency. Three different modes can be selected by the driver. Battery Charge Mode charges the drive battery whether the car is moving or stationary; Battery Save Mode maintains the state of charge of the drive battery while driving; EV Priority Mode uses electric drive exclusively under most conditions only engaging the gas engine when necessary. Drive is totally electric. The use of a heat pump saves power in pure electric mode. Regenerative braking, with several options available, is employed. Mitsubishi notes that the PHEV is the only one of its kind capable of using a Level 3 charger, which can take the car to 80 percent charge in 38 minutes. The gas engine can also recharge the battery pack of the Outlander PHEV.

All-wheel drive is standard on all Outlanders, as is a third-row seat and an active safety suite. In addition, alloy wheels, headlight washer, deep tint glass, dual zone climate control and a driver attention warning are all included on the base trim. Moving from the ES to the SE trim adds a panoramic sunroof, three-zone climate control, a heated steering wheel, power tailgate and fog lights, and is very good value. The LE trim includes adaptive cruise control, a wireless iOS-Android cellphone interface, navigation, a 360 degree camera system and larger wheels, but is overpriced. The LE Premium, which adds a power drivers seat and faux suede upholstery, is good value but should just be folded into the LE. Migrating to the SEL includes a heated rear seat, a memory system, a power passenger seat, leather seating and a 12.3 inch TFT gauge package, and is compelling value. The GT adds the M Pilot Assist lane centring system, wireless cellphone charging and a Bose-branded audio system, at a reasonable price. The GT Premium range topper includes Semi-Aniline processed leather for just $540, but, like the LE Premium, is a trim too far and its equipment should just be folded into the GT model. The base Outlander, the ES, costs only $300 more than a Rogue S AWD, but includes a third-row seat as well as a 10 year/160 000 km powertrain warranty, which should cover the initial failure of the fragile Nissan CVT transmission. The range-topping Outlander GT Premium is priced only $250 more than a Rogue Platinum with the same warranty and seating advantages the Outlander delivers.

The base Outlander PHEV ES trim is reasonably well-equipped. Moving up to the LE adds a panoramic sunroof, triple-zone climate control, navigation, a power tailgate, a 360 degree camera system, a heated steering wheel and a power driver’s seat, at a very good price. The GT upgrade includes a lane keep assist system, adaptive cruise control, a larger 10.8 inch infotainment screen, wireless cellphone charging, a Bose-branded audio system and L.E.D. headlamps, at a compelling price. The GT Premium range-topper offers Semi-Aniline processed leather and front massage seats at a price so little above that of the GT it makes no sense and the features of the Premium should just be incorporated into the GT. Rebates of $5000 from Quebec and the federal government are available for Outlander PHEV buyers.

Few complaints on the previous Outlander. However, this new Nissan based model will likely suffer from typical Nissan complaints like premature and expensive suspension component wear and more repairs than people expect. CVT transmission failures is an issue on Nissans but Mitsubishi’s 10 year/160,000 km powertrain warranty should help many owners.

Last update: October 1, 2023


  • Engine

    2.5L-4 (181 HP), 2.4L PHEV (248 HP combined)  
  • Transmissions

  • Fuel consumption

    City: 9.7L/100 km Road: 7.9L/100 km
  • Drive Layout

    Front-wheel drive
  • Body Style

    Compact SUV & Crossover
  • Country of Origin




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Report - December 1, 2023
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