From an equipment, versatility and comfort standpoint, minivans offer better value than similarly-equipped mid-size sedans and SUVs. Despite the value proposition minivans represent, the segment, whether because of fashion or demographics, lost a lot of momentum over the last decade and a half. The Minivan section of Lemon Aid 2004 mentioned 24 different minivan nameplates, compared to the five nameplates covered this year. This is a slow year for this segment as, other than an early-release 2023 Odyssey, there are no updates of note. The safety record of minivans is generally very good, a function of their height, large size and usually careful drivers. Bulky vans with deep-tinted glass can be challenging to park, especially at night. However, rearview cameras and proximity parking sensors take a lot of the guesswork out of parking.

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