If I buy a used Chevrolet Bolt, will I have to charge it outside or risk a fire?

I’m looking for a used electric vehicle and have seen a few 2020-2022 Chevrolet Bolts and Bolt EUVs for sale near me in Edmonton. I read that there were recalls for a fire risk and that Bolt owners were told to park outside to charge. How do I find out whether it’s been fixed? After it’s been fixed, is it safe to charge in my garage? I’m not keen on keeping my car in the driveway in the winter, especially in a neighbourhood where cars have been stolen.

Justin, Edmonton

After your Chevrolet Bolt has been fixed, is it considered safe to charge in your garage? For now, that depends on what kind of fix you get, one expert said.

“There are two groups of 2020-2022 Bolts,” said George Iny, president of the Automobile Protection Association, a national pro-consumer advocacy group with offices in Toronto and Montreal. “The smaller group gets a new battery right away. The larger group gets a software fix that lasts six months [10,000 kilometres].” During that period, Iny recommends only charging outside overnight.

While some drivers will take a few months to rack up 10,000 kilometres, others could take a year, Iny said. If you drive 20,000 kilometres a year – the average for many drivers – it would take you about six months.

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